Ebert: Sony is Being Bullied & has the Best Format (Blu-ray)

The famous film critic Roger Ebert took some time to discuss the future of film while he recovers from his latest bout with thyroid cancer. In an exclusive interview with Star, Ebert was asked about film in the 21st Century. In his response, he mentioned high definition media and rhetorically asked in regards to Blu-ray, "Why does Sony always seem to have the best format, and get bullied?"

Like most consumers, Ebert is reluctant to purchase into either format until the war is resolved. He commented, "I'm looking forward to testing HiDef and Blu Ray DVDs, but I'm damned if I'll buy a machine until they settle their war."

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MK_Red4065d ago

Well, this is the first time I don't like Blu-ray. I hate this man who thinks games are low art and has a really bad taste in movies and chooses poor Blu-ray?

Lightning Mr Bubbles4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

Why is the PS3 bullied? I have an HDTV and I need HD video, standard DVD looks like crap on HDTV. The more I think about it, I realize that PS3 playing blu ray movies is a huge asset.

I have thought about buying the XBOX 360 HD DVD add on for $180, but I don't feel secure at all about the future of that format. Every video store you go, you see more blu ray's for rental.

The problem is people just don't have HDTV's. If you did have an HDTV, you would understand that Blu ray is a must. I use my TV for 2 things, video games and movies. So I would say that Blu ray is important.

People are playing XBOX 360 and PS3's on standard TV's. That's not right. The next gen hasn't fully been realized by the public, people need to get with the program.

4065d ago
toughNAME4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

"But he's determined not to miss Toronto this year because "it's like home to me." Ebert's early support for the fest helped put it and the city on the global map."

Roger Ebert did not put my city on the 'global map'

5th largest city in NA
6th largest stock exchnage in the world
unofficial hockey capital of the world

i do not know wtf the Star is talking about

no one cares about the Toronto Film Festival

Rooftrellen4065d ago

Toronto, I don't see as a city not on the "world map."

However, while it is the 5th largest city in NA, its no where near the 6th largest in the world! Most of the 50 largest cities in the world are in Asia, but it does make the top 50...bearly, at 49.

And, finally, no one cares about any film festival, anywhere, at any time, Toronto's isn't the only one that's ignored :P

uxo224065d ago

Film critic, the biggest scam on the planet. Sit down, have some popcorn, would you like a soda with that. Who, what did you think of the movie? Oh, you liked it, good here is a six figure income for doing that for us.

WOW what a job, this guy gets paid big money from something that is being done on this site for free on a daily basis. Incredible.

Now he thinks his opinion counts or deciding what piece of electronics is the best format.

The Real Joker4065d ago

That my friends was a great post. I agree completely.

GnaM4065d ago

The article is not about HDDVD vs Bluray, it's about the Toronto Film Festival. Ebert just makes a short off-hand comment about Bluray...doesn't really seem worth posting. I'm really tired of N4G contributors just hunting for console/format war flamebait and making their own story out of a single line from a whole interview.

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The story is too old to be commented.