We won't censor games, promises PM

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has commented further on statements made earlier in the week, over proposed banning of supposed violent games.

In that statement Mr Brown has ruled out any plans to introduce censor the video games industry

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AliC4062d ago

The only thing I hope is that this supposed panel of "Experts" is balanced and not made up of people that have never seen a video game never mind played one.

Education for parents is more important than simply blaming games that already have there own rating system in the UK.

urban bohemian4062d ago

Last month David Cameron said that violent video games were bad, the month before he said he would support the video game industry and now Gordon Brown says he won't censor video games. I think that means everyone should now vote for Labour not Conservatives so we can play manhunt. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Politics!

crippler6664062d ago

Anyway they have won my vote. Lol

crazyman4062d ago

Nah, my votes for the monster raving loony party, they have no anti-game policies and also have other cool ideas, like covering big ben in custard.

AliC4062d ago

It's almost election time, so video games are latest buzzword so everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

Daewoodrow4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Glad to hear there is a videogame friendly party. I will vote Labour then, as usual. I was thinking of voting Lib Dem this time, since both Labour and Conservative parties had talked about banning videogames.

sleekblackroadster4062d ago

censoring and ratings that don't make much sense are just the worst thing that can happen to games. adults play games and deserve to have whatever content they want in their games barring some illegal content (say kiddie porn).. so if esrb or whoever wants to rate games for adults only don't ban the games and don't just decide to not approve them for your systems.

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