LEIPZIG REVIEW: Sony steals the show

Last week's Games Convention provided a great opportunity to shout about new product – but only Sony delivered the 'fireworks', as Neil Long found out.

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INehalemEXI4114d ago

E3 07 was good for sony 2.

MaximusPrime4114d ago

good to hear. wtg sony!

Yea, TGS will also be interested.

The next couple of months will be really interesting for Sony.

gerrard4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Hate to say I told you so, but i told you so LOL

DrRage774114d ago

you told us what??? how sony exxaggerates everything?? from the article, the guy specifically points out how sony AGAIN made a blunder and made themselves look like fools, calling out that the ps3 sold 13 million units, when in fact it was 1.3 million LOL surprise reps ONCE AGAIN "accidentally" misinforming the public on the "success" of the ps3.....

gerrard4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Stole the show twice! yes twice times at E3 and Liepzig and at TGS when it comes. Come on you saw 4 yourself KZ2, MGS4 (wich is not! I repeat not coming onto your overheated 360) r&c future, Haze (ps3 exclusive) and so on. Ps3 will rule by this time next year, wake up you xbot (microsoft ripoff merchant) fool

DrRage774114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

LMAO, you are a typical sony sheep with your answer "just wait til next time this year" LMAO.....oh, and i don't think you are going to be able to count Haze as a ps3 exclusive either...only a timed exclusive, you will see that for sure...LMAO

and like i said before, it's not considered stealing the show at E3 when sony focused on the dangling of the carrot to its sony fanbase, while microsoft has been delivering AAA titles to its fanbase NOW...LMAO

gerrard4114d ago

Geez man where have you been timbucktu? Let me spell it out for you H.A.Z.E PS3 EXCLUSIVE CONFIRMED! CHECK IT OUT.

DrRage774114d ago

i'll provide you with the exact official words concerning Haze:

The official line: "Play both sides of the same war and experience two unique game systems, exclusively for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system this holiday season."

i am going to laugh my a$$ off when it is announced after the holidays that Haze is coming to the 360 after being a TIMED exclusive for the ps3...

resistance1004114d ago

i take it you missed

Ubisoft on Friday confirmed plans to keep the upcoming Haze a PS3 exclusive as opposed to releasing the first-person shooter for Xbox 360 and PC later next year.

razer4114d ago

but I disagree that Sony stole the show at E3. Depends on who you ask, but I think both Sony and MS did equally as well. If anything "stole the show" it was Call of Duty 4.

btw - Sony was the only company that did a keynote, MS and Nintendo were both on the downlow. I expect a better showing from both at TGS. Microsoft has basically said nothing about 08 and you can bet they have some huge surprises in store.

resistance1004114d ago

@ razer

Nintendo aren't attending TGS

The Wood4114d ago

i almost fully agree but i think call of duty plus mgs4 n killzone pushed e3 in sonys favor. good to see you recognise things but i can see that some of your xbox buddies disagree with ya. (you know as a xbox guy your not allowed to big up sony right)

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DEADEND4114d ago

I want to know what games are going to be shown for the 360 that is not multi-platform.

beavis4play4114d ago

i'd like to know what first party games ms is going to be getting ready for after christmas. they still aren't saying anything.

resistance1004114d ago

Well IMO Mass Effect is the only 360 game after Halo3 which i'm interested in 2007. xmas 2007 for me is dominated by PS3 games

Barreldragon004114d ago

I wonder how many more secret announcements Sony has up its sleeve.

beavis4play4114d ago

i hope they announce what the new rockstar exclusive will be and announce the next jak and daxter game. also, i hope haze is playable. i'd like to see what people(but not EGM) think about it.

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