Xbox Live 'Far More Impactful' than Wii: Say Molyneux

Former independent studio president (now a Microsoft employee) and developer luminary Peter Molyneux says Xbox Live will be more influential to the video game industry than Nintendo's popular Wii Remote.

"Microsoft is an incredibly smart company and I never fail to be impressed by just how clever they are," Molyneux remarked when asked about the innovation behind Nintendo's motion-sensing controls.

"Don't forget this is the company which pioneered LIVE which I believe will ultimately be far more impactful on video games in the long term than something like the Wii controller," he added.

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TnS4065d ago

MK_Red, your argument is ridiculous. The sites you mention in the reports posted it "separately" because they not posted the whole interview, because it is not their content. So they posted the most interesting part of it.

MK_Red4065d ago

This one is not the interview story and other sites on the net are posting this story as a quote and news from a famous game designer (Although an Xbox employee) because the point here is not the interview but what he has to say exactly about Wiimote and Live.

TnS4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

Strange. I thought if a site is posting a quote from an interview from a different site then you should link back to the source.

There is an interview on site A.
If site B decided to quote something from site A, then you post it from site B even if it posted already on N4G from site A.
If a different site (C) posts a different quote from the same interview from site A, then you post that also on N4G.

Nice to know!

MK_Red4065d ago

I understand your point but sites like CVG and Eurogamer post seperate news stories based on their own interviews because sometimes the quote from interview deserves it's own news story.
Other sites have posted the full interview as well as the quote in a different post.

gEnKiE4065d ago

...ugh, I cant stand this guy. He just needs to not talk and develop games that live up to their expectation....if its possible...

MK_Red4065d ago

Come on, Fable was the only Molyneux game that didn't live up to all it's potential and promises. Black & White and his older games were all perfect classics and I even consider Fable a classic. He failed to realize all his promises in the game but Fable was still a superb RPG.

progx4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

I think MK's on this site all goddamn day...GO OUTSIDE.

MK_Red4065d ago

I've been out. I just got here and posted this ;)

tplarkin74065d ago

You would feel some pressure to support your company, but you would still take your own words seriously. "Bias" isn't always blind servanthood to an ideal or force.

Peter M said Live is more impactful than the Wiimote. Live allows you to download many types of media, communicate via voice or text, and play co-op or multiplayer with anyone around the world. The Wiimote provides motion sensitivity for a 2-dimensional display.

Which do you think is more "impactful"?

Kyur4ThePain4065d ago

would he say it?
This is nothing but a commercial.
Just like someone from Sony talking about BR, Cell or Nintendo talking about the wiimote etc.

tplarkin74065d ago

He would say it if the Wiimote turned your room into a holodeck. (Holodeck is from Star Trek where a whole world is simulated inside a room).

sajj3164065d ago

Thanks for your opinion but no thanks. Your employer is Microsoft. Its like saying I prefer Coke while working for Pepsi. You will always say that best about your employer.

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The story is too old to be commented.