Gioteck HF-1 Wireless Playstation 3 controller is now coming to the United States

Recently we got information from Gioteck's PR department that they are going to be releasing the HF-1 here in the United States in addition to the UK.

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DirtyLary3063d ago

Will it have input delay like all other 3rd party controllers? That is killer for FPS/TPS players.

kmr19773064d ago

I've been hoping they would bring this to the states. It looks like a pretty solid controller.

fanboybeater13064d ago

This controller will make me start the PS3 version of multiplat games.

kmr19773064d ago

I'll still buy most of my games on 360 because of XBox live, but this would make it easier if it works as advertised.

SixZeroFour3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

awesome...a 360 style ps3 controller, this is what i need to finally buy a ps3 cause i really didnt like the ds3 (not bashing it, just personally didnt prefer it), i could have bought some controller converters and just use the 360 controller itself, but i think there was a bit of lag input or something when you use a controller converter

edit: oh wait, is it only being released in US or in NA...cause that would mean i still cant get it in canada which would suck :S

fanboybeater13064d ago

there is lag. I've got the converter and it sucks.

NegativeCreepWA3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I have the Raven, I used it for the first time with GT5 having triggers for brake and throttle is nice but the joystick has a dead spot so steering wasn't that good.

Another problem I came across is not all shooters like mag will allow you to switch you fire and aim buttons to the L2 & R2. So your stuck using the L1 & R1 with a controller thats more comfortable using the triggers.

guru95353064d ago


You should be able to get it in canada too......and I agree with you, Id rather use a 360 controller too, but I've heard bad things about using that converter.

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