The Top 7… Awful fake accents

Fake accents aren’t inherently bad. Much as they’re frequently maligned for promoting stereotypes and denying jobs to foreign actors, they’re sometimes actually quite convincing (if not exactly realistic). And even when they’re not, they can at least be funny or help us suspend our disbelief for a little while – or both, as evidenced by the Red Alert and Assassin’s Creed series (for example).

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Motorola3069d ago

I couldnt figure out Mason at ALL. At times I thought he was American, and when talking to the Interrogator, He sounded Australian, and when he was talking about Reznov he sounded American again. THEN at the end he sounded like a strangled Australian, as stated in the article.

HolyOrangeCows3068d ago

It made keeping track of characters a little more confusing.

PhantomT14123068d ago

I love Gene Farber's accent for Weaver.

Comic Book Guy3068d ago

Overall I'd Say Sam Worthington did a great job as Mason but at times you could hear the Aussie come out, especially during the Russian roulette scene.

MultiConsoleGamer3069d ago

Where's Bonnie McFarlane from Red Dead Redemption?

danielle0073068d ago

Creepy french kids from Heavy Rain:

Attempted accent: “American”
Actual accent: Faintly insulting

Funny shiz. Also, accurate.

I liked this list.

BiggCMan3068d ago

Yea as great a game Heavy Rain is, there is no denying that some of the voices were quite bad. Ethan, and the kids in the flashbacks were really the only ones I thought were any bad. I liked Jaydens voice actor and everyone else personally, especially Shelby.

Fel083068d ago

If this wasn't only about games, Madonna's fake British accent would be #1.

gamerdude1323068d ago

Probably the worst moment for Worthington was when he said "Today's the day we succeed". It just sounded so friggin' fake. But he did well overall.

And for Heavy Rain, I seriously WAS insulted.

Great article, GamesRadar!

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The story is too old to be commented.