Review: Warhawk takes to the skies takes a look at Warhawk on the Playstation 3.

"Released both as DLC via the Playstation Network as well as on Blu-Ray packaged with a Bluetooth headset, Warhawk hits consumers homes full force. Here is our look at the world of WarHawk..."

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Violater4114d ago

here I was thinking the PS3 had no AAA titles.
[end sarcasm]

PimpHandHappy4114d ago

and anyone that says its not hasnt played it.

I want to ask my Warhawk players something...Have you noticed its not keeping up with the stats? Im missing 3-4 hours of ranked gameplay and i kicked some major aZZ in those 3 hours. Kinda pisses me off!

Maybe they will get added within this week but i really do hate that fact!

resistance1004114d ago

Yer its a problem with the stat system.

Still hopefully will fix the problem ASAP.

Still i've clocked over 25hours on it already ^_^ i love it, annoying thing is i've still got to complete bioshock and get my 'this is annex' achievement on gears but can't get off warhawk to complete them

gololo4114d ago

Dude, this game pulled me from GOW too...I guess those achievements have to this game

Baba19064114d ago

the game is really cool. dont know if AAA or just something else from the ABC, but everyone should try this out.

SmokeyMcBear4114d ago

yeah.. im really loving this game.. I like the mess around just pick up and play aspect to it. But I also like the ranked matches where people are getting strategy together, like zones. Its just all out fun. Something Countersrike always did, loved the pub servers of talking crap and just having fun, and scrims where you get down and dirty.

PimpHandHappy4114d ago

I played 10hours of ranked games and im missing 3-4 hours so its more like 13-14 hours on ranked servers.

Add in the split screen with my buddies im sure im around 25-30 hours of gameplay already and im still not bored in the least bit. This game will never bore me!

Zones are where u can really see the team game come out to play. If ppl dont talk you can get ur Azz handed to ya. Same with CTF

Im not one to care about the AAA title so much but if any game makes me think AAA fun this game is that.


btw if ur down to one Zone and ur getting hit with Air Strikes or Tow missles thats

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