PS3 titles under $20 in Cyber Monday Sale

Retailer Inc. this week discounted select titles for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 to under $20 in a 'Cyber Monday Sales Event'.

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sashimi3067d ago

Nothing i can buy since i already own all those tittles :(

showtimefolks3067d ago


for 19.99 each is something i might look at all the others i have played besides FF and DS

uncharted awsome
ratchet TOD is the best ratchet game this gen better than crack in time
bayonetta i have yet to play heard awsome combat/sluggish story
infamous good game 2nd looks to improve on everything

Redlogic3067d ago

I got Valkrie Chronicles($19.99)...finally I know

Supman3067d ago

Don't you agree?....

The_Devil_Hunter3067d ago

For those of you who haven't purchased Valkyria, DO IT NOW...its one the most under appreciated games for the PS3.