Pokémon's RPG Game - Enough's Enough, Let's Have Some Innovation

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "It's now 2010, gaming has progressed a lot, and Pokémon for me has not advanced hardly at all and is just still the same old Pokémon Red that I experienced all those years ago with a few graphical improvements and new Pokemon thrown into the mix. The core gameplay has not changed in the slightest since Pokémon Red and while I've tolerated it up until now, it's about time the world of Pokémon gaming was shaken up and we had some new innovative things inside the games. I've decided therefore to make this blog and list some improvements I'd like to see to the core formula of Pokémon as I'd hate to see one of my favourite franchises of my gaming lifestyle become a stagnant thing stuck in the same old mud-hole forever and ever..."

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darkcharizard3067d ago

Umm hellou! I think pokemon Black and White has already done that. And why mess too much with a winning formula anyway?

unrealgamer583067d ago

thank you someone needed to say it.