GameZone - Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Review

Just a year ago, players were guiding Ezio through Italy on his assassination conquests. Boasting a new multiplayer mode, does this release justify players diving back into the Animus?

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RogueCheddar3064d ago

Yeah, I need this. I wasn't sure about it but the reviews are excellent. Damn.

athmaus3064d ago

I have yet to play any games in this series :(

Serjikal_Strike3064d ago

youre missing out...100+ hrs worth of gameplay with all 3 games combined...

dont jump straight to might want to start with the 1st one... IMO

Ascalon943063d ago

the series is pretty good, I played some of the 1st and it got tedious but was still good. i only played a few minutes of the second but I recently got brotherhood and its addicting

TomFG3064d ago

Looking great, can't wait to play it!

rezznik3063d ago

I'll pick it up eventually, although I am getting a bit tired of the series tbh.