Call of Duty 4 beta entries 'exclusive' to GAME in UK

North American gamers may remember the Call of Duty 4 beta invite problems last week, several problems but with a happy ending, everyone who registered gotten into the multiplayer sample.

UK Gamers have a bigger problem to deal with, with retailer game doling out entries to those who pre-order the title.

It's not certain if there are other ways to get beta entry in the UK, the retailer just refers to themselves as the "exclusive retail partner in the UK and Ireland!"

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nirwanda4062d ago

I could have entered with all the yanks but no I respected infinity wards rules and waited patiently for a UK registration period and now we have been stung by GAME again with it's overly expensive prices and it corporate mass buying power for securing exclusives

Still think it will be released to the fans though the web site as well though hopefully

sticky doja4062d ago

This game is pure crack cocaine.

Havince4062d ago

i could have glitched the beta, i have 4 friends in the UK playing it now

absolute crap