LG unveils second-gen Blu-Ray/HD DVD player

If the whole High Definition wars thing is confusing you and unsure which boat to jump or you just want the best of both world then you prayers may just be answered.

LG have unveiled their new media player that supports both Blu-ray and HD DVD movies. The LG BH200 is expected to retail at $999 (€730).

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nirwanda4065d ago

For that price I'd rather get a PS3 and a HD-DVD drive for my 360

AliC4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

I suppose this is one of those devices you can buy, after which you can sit on the fench and wait till this HD war has ended and still come out winning, because it will still play DVDs as well

Darkiewonder4065d ago

Last time I heard it was 1300 or so.


4th Generation please. or Sell Stand-alone players that aren't combos

cuco334065d ago

it's supposed to be fully upgradeable and crank out 1080p in every fashion. it's more high end then the 360 add on and the ps3 and likewise should have more features

figure the price and the fact not every movie buff wants a game console as a player, it really isn't bad

Salvadore4065d ago

I would rather make a random bet based on how the race is now.

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