Grateful Dead take the Rock Band stage

Gaming Target says: "Harmonix has announced they will be adding The Grateful Dead to Rock Band's lineup of "super groups" when the game ships this holiday season. Eighteen Grateful Dead master tracks will be available for download shortly after the game's release. Harmonix didn't reveal all of them, but did confirm that the following six will be downloadable: "Casey Jones," "Sugar Magnolia," "Touch of Grey," "Truckin'" and "Uncle John's Band."

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Alcohog4114d ago

If you're serious, please kill yourself.

Caxtus7504113d ago

lmao sorry, im young and from UK. May have missed these guys.

*gets shotgun*

harpua4114d ago

the grateful dead in a video game......i've officially seen everything.

Morbius4204114d ago

Not the BS offered from the Guitar Hero games. I hope they do this for other bands too.