Next Generation Console Wars: Who Will Win?

Paul writes, "In many tiers of comparison, this generations consoles have been compared up and down. Many see that Nintendo Wii has dominated in terms of hardware sales in the long-term, Xbox 360 in terms of exclusive titles in the short-term, and now PlayStation 3 in terms of exclusive titles in the long-term. But what will happen in the next-gen?"

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NYC_Gamer3066d ago

us gamers long as each console has some exclusives to offer

Parapraxis3066d ago

Exactly! If I'm able to afford all the next platforms I will get them asap.

Dramscus3066d ago

The whole 'Console War' bit is getting old and tired.
People only bandy the term about because back in the day sega dropped out of consoles. Many people attribute this to nintendo and sony but it was mostly through poor management.
In any case I very much doubt we'll see anything of the sort this generation of consoles or the next. I can see nintendo sony and microsoft happily selling consoles to people at the same time.

Although on a more dour and contradictory note there has been a lot of grumbling from the corner of microsofts shareholders about their gaming devision. Hopefully nothing comes of it but it's hard to ignore the news sometimes.

imvix3066d ago

Sorry but its a multi system trend now.

For the full experience i would recommend a PC + PS3.

VINNIEPAZ3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

"Exactly! If I'm able to afford all the next platforms I will get them asap."

^^THIS. I always try to get all the systems so that way i dont miss anything.

This gen so far I have

3 Xbox 360s (1 Kinect)
2 PS3s (2 Move/Nav controllers)
3 PSPs
2 Wiis
1 DSi XL

AndrewRyan3066d ago

Actually Nintendo will win again if you compare sales. Nintendo will probably launch a new console 2 years before Sony and Microsoft do. Which means they will have a 2 year lead and if it is any good, I will be buying it.

Gawdl3y3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

I do know one thing nearly for certain: Sony is not going to let Microsoft beat them to the market again. The biggest reason why the Xbox 360 sold so much in the beginning was simply because the PS3 was not out yet, but people wanted a next gen gaming console. I just hope that Sony doesn't rush the PS4, but that doesn't seem like a mistake that Sony would make.

Hideo_Kojima3065d ago

How can we compare the future consoles?

Look back a bit in the previous decade...

The PS2 had the worst graphics out of the 3
The Xbox had the best and had better hardware.

This time its the other way around.
The PS3 is better built and has better graphics.

The next gen for all we know Xbox could go after the high spec route again theres no way of knowing.

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visualb3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

ay ay!!!

I agree.

What a stupid question, its impossible to predict really.

it will depend on so many factors unknown to us, its more of a "preference" argument than an educated guess

I hope it goes a bit like this gen, with all 3 pretty much balanced so neither console gets kicked out/out of the race. that would suck for competition and product quality =(

I also hope not too much emphasis is put on motion controls and casual crap

- examiner article? isn't that just like a blog?! =S....its alright

Anon19743066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I don't think next gen is going to be anything like the current gen. In fact, I don't know if you will even be able to call it a "gen" as the new consoles might be quite spaced apart in terms of release.

Neither Microsoft nor Sony have the appetite for a new console anytime soon. Microsoft and Sony each need to make up the billions spent on this gen - Microsoft hopes that Kinect will catch on and will probably push the 360 and Kinect as a casual gaming alternative for at least another 5 years or so. They're finally making money, no reason to put the cow to pasture now that it's finally producing a little milk. The PS3 has been a bit of a slow burn with the BluRay/HDDVD battle dragging out, holding consumers back, then followed by the recession. It took awhile to get up to steam and is on a roll now but with Sony still pushing BluRay and now 3D, expect them to ride the PS3 for some time with the PS2 still picking up casual stragglers without a lot of cash.

That leaves Nintendo who really never did jump onto the "next gen" bandwagon, much to their benefit. The Wii offered little in the way of power or online play but these decisions really paid off big for them while Sony and Microsoft duked it out for the HD gaming crowd. I expect we'll see a new Wii years sooner than we'll see a PS4 or Xbox720 as Wii sales start to slip off a bit. If Nintendo waits too long they'll lose the goodwill that the Wii generated for them, and now that they can more cheaply throw in extra storage space and better capabilities I expect we'll see another device that doesn't exactly push the technical envelope, but still offers more than the Wii.

You know the PS4 and Xbox720 plans are sitting on a drawing board somewhere but that doesn't mean they're anywhere close to reality and changing business focuses could also impact the future generation. Microsoft commented before that their next gen console could be a cheaper, digital download hub and if XBL has taught them anything it's the value of a constant revenue stream from a subscription based service. I don't think their shareholders will have much of a stomach for spending billions on another console that can't make it back with the way the company as a whole has been stagnating, so a cheaper, digital distribution system would make sense for Micrsoft down the road. That could all change if the persistent rumors hold true and Microsoft spins off the Entertainment Division and it's forced to stand on it's own. Right now Microsoft has been able to absorb the billions in losses they've posted since entering the console business. By itself it'd be less able to take those kinds of risks. All bets are off if that happens.

It's certainly going to be interesting from both an industry perspective and from a gamer point of view. The rise of casual games is also troubling. Seeing the success of Mobwars or Farmville could make game company's do some crazy things - but as long as Core gamers still exist someone will cater to that market.

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Ducky3066d ago

^ Aye,
The hardware of the current consoles is lagging quite behind modern PCs and in three years, it's going to be a huge gap.

I'd say that a next-gen consoles should pop-up in 3 years, followed by a two-year transition period.

Moentjers3066d ago

as long as some cheap firm doesn't rush out to be first on the market and sells crap.

jammy_703066d ago

Who will win? No one fucking knows.....

dredgewalker3066d ago

I think everyone won since none of the consoles died. Predicting a winner on the next generation is inciting another flame war.

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Hayabusaman3066d ago

Next gen should be really interesting

theonlylolking3066d ago

Gamers always win but there needs to be a official console win. It includes sales, games, and what it brought to the industry.

Zir03066d ago

The safe bet is to say nothing. Nintendo was distant 3rd last gen look at then now. You can't call it till we know what the next systems are, but based on the current gen its anyones game.