Best PS3 Cyber Monday Deals

"Cyber Monday is here, and while you get back to 'work', the online deals continue...

Video games are always a favorite Cyber Monday promotional item, and the PS3 in particular is being promoted in a big way!

Here is a quick summary of the best PS3 Cyber Monday deals out there:"

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GoldPS33066d ago

Wow great deals. You 360 fans should jump on this.

branchedout3066d ago

My kingdom for a $30 dualshock.
Or a $30 move controller.

I came in with such high hopes!

eggbert3066d ago

Radioshack had $35 PS3 controllers on Black Friday. Jusssss ssssaying.

branchedout3066d ago

I knew. I was just being a miser and wanted to save 5 dollars more.

C'mooooon low prices!

animelover104873066d ago

hey just wanted to ask for some opinions is the deal for dragon age origins ultimate edition for 40 bucks worth it, is it a good deal?

sashimi3066d ago

I already picked up my Logitech Driving Force GT 2 days ago for $99 from Amazon, too good of a deal to pass.