Folklore Box Art Revealed

Sony today revealed the final box art for Folklore for North America. Click through for a larger image.

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taz80804064d ago

That big chicken on the box art owns. Looking forward ot this title for the pS3

drunkpandas4064d ago

The gameplay of the demo was fun, but I got annoyed at having to load every section of the game as you got to it. Still on the fence about picking this one up

immortal_cries4064d ago

Grrrr, I just didnt like the design of that bear-like folk. Wouldve been better to have the stag-looking folk instead. Oh well. I loved the demo and ill be getting this. Refreshing

cr33ping_death4064d ago

for those who played the demo....doesnt that big red folk look like a creature from that book.." where the wild things are" i think thats the title.....well also if youre old enough to have read the book. :)im 25. when i came across that folk it reminded me of that book.