"The 'exclusives' that aren't exclusive"

Remember when a platform exclusive game really was exclusive? When 'Only for N64' in the corner was a promise and the little Saturn 'S' with a thumbs-up meant you were likely in for something special? Well, those days are long gone.

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jay34088d ago

I'm sad that not even Games Radar can take a quote from a dev saying it's exclusive and treat it like nothing :(

Bloodmask4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

could be ran properly on the PS3. The PS3's lopsided architecture and lack of video ram would surely lead to subpar framerates.

And also it was already stated by Ubisoft that Conviction was heavy in the AI which they stated that the 360 excels at. The PS3, not so much.
The inredibly slow BD2x drive would also possibly lead to horrendous load times.

I feel that both developers wouldn't want to sacrifice the integrity of their masterpieces by downgrading to the PS3.

genericname4088d ago

translation: I'm feeling insecure about my 360 approaching obsolescence already and need to make up stuff to feel better.

AllroundGamer4088d ago

let your ingores grooow...

Bloodmask4088d ago

Wow you really hurt my feelings. You, a devout Microsoft hater. And a PS3 fanboy will ignore me. You are just the kind of people I like to ignore me then I don't have so many disagrees.

The funny thing is even if you did you will still click the show button to see what my response was.

The funny thing is that you are one of the exact same people who would say the same thing I have only about MGS4 or KZ2 for PS3. You see how that works?? I have a vendetta against Sony kids like you. Note....not Sony fans who have the ability to think..but Sony kids.

The worst type are actually like you bc your hatred of all other consoles is so apparent. Yet you adamantly claim you are unbiased. And by the way I have nothing against the PS3 just people like you.

I only post in this manner bc Sony kids deserve it.

TheMART4088d ago

MS paid for SC: Conviction for sure, just to have a 'spy' game as competition for MGS4. That one won't go multi platform.

Bioshock, could be. I think MS will pay so much money, to get Bioshock 2 exclusive also. THe guys that made it even just recently said there is no code available for the PS3, they didn't took it any further in that process.

Why are MGS4 and FFXIII not added? 3rd party, not paid exclusive by Sony. Strange those are missing. Biggest chance of going to the 360 because of the installed base and average attach rate of games per unit

LeShin4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

LMAO!!!!!!! oh god!, i'm not being a fanboy but come on TheMart you gotta admit that image that genericname put up is pretty funny lol :)

I agree with TheMart on SC:Conviction, i'll be VERY surprised to see that come to the PS3 because MS must've paid for that. In regards to FFXIII, I think that all hinges on whether the JRPG's already on the Xbox360 sell well, we'll have to see. No point in having a large install base if not many people is buying your game.

EDIT: Damn, just noticed I said something very similar to what PS360Wii just said below me.....DAMN YOU PS360WII lol

PS360WII4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

TheMart for FFXIII to end it's exclusivity the 360 would need to show that it can sell j-RPG's which it shows that it really can't. Install base is one thing but when the install base just laughs at the genre then I'm not sure it's a good thing.
MGS4 no one can ever be sure but I think it's been stated and confirmed so many times that I think one can drop it.

And that's why those 2 weren't on the list cuz for now those 2 are pretty decidedly exclusive

tplarkin74088d ago

Bioshock is 360 exclusive for the console market. PCs are a separate market.

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The story is too old to be commented.