"Your Brother Should Get His Own BioShock" says 2K Games

With the recent rumblings of 2k Game including secuRom with the BioShock game disk a question was thrown to the officials over at official BioShock forums. You will not believe their response.

Jakester, a poster over at the official 2k Games forums, who was having problems installing the retail version of the game on his laptop kindly asked a question which went like this :
"I installed Bioshock on my laptop under one admin user, Everything works fine, but I then tried to switch users on my computer and whenever I launch Bioshock it is asking me to enter my serial again for the game…. Is this gonna charge me two of my activations ?"

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TriggerHappy4060d ago

Well if you get the Xbox 360 version, you wont have to deal with any of this. So if you have a 360 why not get this ?

paul_war4060d ago

Because it looks better on a high end PC, simple. (I've played both by the way).

TriggerHappy4060d ago

Yeah I understand that, but if you get it for the 360, you wont have to deal with all this installation problems though.

paul_war4060d ago

True, buts thats why I got it for the PC & not the 360. Its all pro's & con's.

monkey6024060d ago

Hmm I dont like where this is going First Warhawk cant be used on two aacounts on the same PS3 and now Bioshock cant be shared between families. Could this be the beginning of a dark road where families have to buy the same game twice for their children?

barom4060d ago

I can kinda understand Warhawk though. I mean those 40$ wasn't meant for 5 persons.

Your brother can still play warhawk if he wants whenever you're not playing. With BioShock 2k is saying you can't which is very strict imo. I remember Starcraft even had the functionality of playing LAN with only one cd (by installing multiplayer only) which was badass. I think warcraft III also had a similiar function. But with bioshock they're saying, nope only the owner of the game can play it and no one else, which is not cool. They probably gonna restrict the game from being re-selling too i bet.

tplarkin74060d ago

It's the way Windows was built.

FordGTGuy4060d ago

affect the copy right software on a disc?

MarioFromTexas4060d ago

My son was trying to play warhawk on his account and warhawk wouldn't launch. That is total BS. I don't plan to buy any more downloads if they don't fix this problem. It's the same PS3 so why would you have to download it 2 times and pay 2 times this is ludacrius...If you're going to buy warhawk make sure you buy the disc. No more downloads for me

Kyur4ThePain4060d ago

Does creating a sub-account for your son get around this?

PS360WII4060d ago

Well this guy's question said he can activate it 5 times. I don't see the problem here. So use one more activation for your brother and charge him 10 bucks or something. Some people grip over spilled milk, I would understand his frustration if he only has one activation and can't play it anywhere else but come on is he wanting to install that game on 5 sperate PC's?

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The story is too old to be commented.