PS3 Fanboy review: Lair

What could possibly go wrong with a game where dragons fly around, killing each other? With stunning graphics, incredible production values, and dragons, Lair easily had a ton of potential. However, it all goes to waste through unresponsive controls and flawed level design.

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RadientFlux4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I am the only one that finds it amusing that a site called ps3fanboy isn't really a bias site.

While I don't agree or disagree with their review of Lair. I won't be picking it up for one reason that seems to be mentioned in almost every review (and that I hated the Rogue Squadron series).

"Imaging playing for fifteen, twenty minutes, only to have to redo a level in its entirety after dying. It generates the kind of frustration that has you throwing your controller at something."

I would stop playing any game if that happens more then once.

Robeezy4087d ago

there is truly nothing more frustrating than having to replay more then 20 minutes of progress.

nasim4087d ago

as anticipated they gave LAIR an average score because they couldnt adapt to the controls

I found the Controls a pleasant experience and so have over 100 0000 ps3 owners who have already purchased LAIR

PSu --adapted well with the control and gave LAIR a 8.5/10

Gamerevolver gave LAIR a 8.9/10

reviews could vary but U can ALSO USE ANALOG CONTROLS besides SIX AXIS

Mars Attacker4087d ago

Didn't the guys at ps3fanboy see the relax video yesterday? I guess they didn't drink that Kool-aid.

Zhuk4087d ago

even PS3fanboy acknowledges Lair is a garbage game, time to face facts all the fandroids on this site who just didnt want to accept the truth that Lair is not the killer app or AAA title that they hyped it up to be, save your money and pick up some great PS2 titles instead

Stella4087d ago

What a pathetic little fanboy.

Ju4087d ago

I can respect their review, however I do not necessarily agree to the result (and introducing a Lair review with a reference to Warhawk is, err, a bit misleading). But anyhow, all he said is probably true, but I think it is not that bad that it leaves the game unplayable. The motion controls are (again) the best there is yet. It is still fun to play the game with what you can (!) use. If the dodging doesn't work for you, don't use it. There are other ways to kill an enemy.

The only critic I'd like to point out is, that the action sequences are simply too short. I am not too far into the game yet, but the intro levels have to short action sequences. Like the one where you kill the troops which try to break thru your first wall. Thousands of troops. I'd like to kill them all :) But, well, after you destroy the catapult towers (5 of them) that's pretty much it. Would be nice if that would've been more challenging and in addition more intermediate checkpoints.

Also, I have some trouble with the cut scenes. They are plenty and nicely rendered. However, there is no level streaming. The load times are relatively long and followed by a pretty abrupt hard black level cut. That should have been smoother including a smoother sound fade.

I had my frustrating moments, too. But then again, I haven't played the game long enough yet. I also agree, that because it is a kind of open environment, and dragons don't have any radar or the like, its sometimes hard to see what's going on around you. But then again, I think this is something you get used to the longer the game lasts.

I cannot follow his opinion about the frame rate issues. Sorry. Its maybe true, if you fly thru a fireball of a just exploding ship you have destroyed, the visuals might flicker for a split second, but I have seen far worse with a lot less going on. I want to make this clear, this is almost not noticeable (at least not for me), and usually you should not fly thru a ball of fire, might kill you eventually. I am running 1080i, BTW. But maybe 1080p has more lag ? So, does that mean the game is unplayable. No way. I wouldn't even mention it if it wouldn't have been said before.

I still don't like the review (maybe the Warhawk comment pushed it for me), but don't review if you have made up your mind already, IMO. The result is the 5.5, which it isn't IMO. In another thread I gave it a 7.9, and I, again, would stick with it.

The game lacks of a complete experience, which would make me go "Wow", but it is still a unique experience and worth trying. A lot of effort has been put into it, and I'd respect that (unlike some other games, which just got rushed out to make a quick buck). However, I consider it an experiment. Failed ? Not necessarily, but a first step on the road. It leaves room for improvements and hopefully will lead to something spectacular in its second gen title. I hope so.

ParaDise_LosT4087d ago

Bring a Friend

Its fun to Lose..

and To pretend


BenzMoney4087d ago (and is a sister site of - they are all respectable sources, despite the bias suggested of the two "fanboy" sites. They're honest, they don't just hop on the bandwagon like true fanboys do.

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