Vanillaware Unveils Wii Action Game Oboro Muramasa Youtouden

Vanillaware has revealed its latest action game for the Wii tentatively titled Oboro Muramasa Youtouden, according to Weekly Famitsu publication.

The developer known for its stunningly beautiful 2D graphics in games such as Odin Sphere, the Wii game will also sport a similar format but this time the game is set in what looks like the Japanese feudal era. Players can choose between Momohime, a young girl who wields a katana dressed in a kimono-like ninja costume, and Kisuke, a young ninja boy with a case of amnesia.

(Scans are from Gamersyde.)

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cooke154451d ago

This looks really cool!

Darkiewonder4451d ago

and their creation of Odin Sphere and keeping 2D action alive.

I cannot wait for this!

purin4451d ago

this game looks amazing
i've always loved abstract art in real life and i loved playing odin sphere; therefore i'll probably love this game
i really hope they bring it to the states

Odiah4451d ago

Awesome title. I've already got yobi yoshi donuts on pre-order ^-^

Seriously, this game looks cool.

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