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GameShard writes: "GT5 has clearly been a labour of love for Polyphony Digital, but the result is often more labour than love. Clunky menus, basic multiplayer, and too few improvements around the central driving experience all conspire to drag down what is undoubtedly a superb technical racer, with plenty of content to offer. GT5 can be frustrating and unintuitive, and could stand to learn a lot from its competitors, but the core experience at the heart of the game is as tightly honed as ever. Not quite the masterpiece we would have hoped for, but certainly a good, if flawed, racing sim."

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nix3069d ago

Story Quality: Ok.
Like this website: No.

Enzo3069d ago

90% of videogame journalist are jokes, and most are out to establish themselves. Therefore most of them are bias and few even bother to pull out some credible sources.