Epic Mickey, Fails At Epic Proportions In The UK

TMC: Mickey's latest adventure fails to ignite the UK charts this week.

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DORMIN3069d ago

That's a sad mouse

TheTwelve3069d ago

Let's's a third party game on the Wii. Surprised?


JsonHenry3069d ago

Good, maybe now they will port to a real console/PC to make up in lost sales.

HolyOrangeCows3069d ago

Have the PS3 Move-version on my desk by the end of 2011. Thanks.

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megaglitcher3069d ago

The picture is killing me! hahahaha

PS. Sad news

NecrumSlavery3069d ago

This is a Warren Spector game. I think the Wii crowd isn't big into games like this. It's really not being appreciated for the mastery that it is. There is a few gameplay issue but the story and world is just as amazing as any other great role playing adventure out there.

CrazyForGames3069d ago

so your saying the wii crowd isn't big into a game like this? A MICKEY MOUSE GAME?

the guy behind the game is irrelevant
if you can't sell mickey mouse on the wii then you just can't sell mickey mouse at all

i seriously LOL at the people who seriously believe this would have done any better on the 360/ps3

NecrumSlavery3069d ago

Well you can't look at like that. This isn't just a Mickey game. It's not a casual game. It is a really deep adventure game filled with 100 years of Disney culture. Warren said himself every streetlight, trashcan, brick, blade of grass comes from somewhere in the Disney universe. Wii crowd is too casual. Kids under twenty won't reconize 75% of whats in this game. Maybe more.

This is another deep Disney themed game. Like Kingdom Hearts. You really think kids understand KH? Just cause its Disney doesn't make it a kids game. I think the attraction to the Wii is the waggle itself. So hopefully it gets a Move update and gets intot he hands of adults who love Deus Ex or System Shock, and are old enough and mature enough to understand and appreciate the lost treasures of Disney that warren poured into this game.

Neckbear3069d ago

Hey, NecrumSlavery, you also ought to think a game like this wouldn't find a big of an audience on the HD consoles.

If anything, I think this is comparable to Brutal Legend when it released. Marvelous games that, sadly, aimed at a core base that isn't big on sales.

As you said, this is a game that has a hunred years worth of Disney culture. It's aimed at those adults who loved cartoons back in the day (And heck, still do), but the adventure itself is also something a kid can pick up and enjoy.

The game doesn't has grunty men, big guns, nor tons of blood. Honestly, as I see it, it wouldn't fare any better on the PS3/360.

Daver3069d ago


Well, if it was on PS3 i would have bought it...

8-bit3069d ago

I would have my cash in hand ready to hand over if this title was on the PS3 or 360.. Just saying

pork_chop_express3069d ago

Look at toy story 3 yeah its a game attached to a big movie release but that normally is a big no no to core gamers but a good few bought it.

And that was because it was a multiplatform title.

Davoh3069d ago

I would of bought it as well if it was on PS3, but alas it was not to be.

Baka-akaB3069d ago

The "it would sell better if it was on ps3/360" is too often loosely used and abused .

But in this case , who knows ?
Stuff like Toy story and kingdom hearts dont seems to have trouble selling when multiplaforms , or when declining a game on each console .

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DigitalAnalog3069d ago

Does anybody EXPECT to see core title sell here? Nintendo made the big mistake by alienating the major HARDCORE Nintendo fans by:

1. Not upgrading their hardware.
2. Providing more focus to the casuals.

They've got the hardware sales and they've definitely brought to the casuals a whole new meaning of "gaming". But even with 80+ million consoles worldwide, do you think the majority of casuals are "game" enough to play CORE titles?

-End of Line

kwyjibo3069d ago

This isn't a core title. Warren Spector hasn't made a "core" title, he's made a Mickey Mouse game, this is accessible to all comers.

Oh, and I reckon this is going to be a big seller. I'm in UK, this game was released only before the charts, they have not yet ramped up the advertising.

This will sell to the casual audience, it will sell to kids, it will sell as a gift item. You need big advertising to get that across, that has not happened yet.

UltimateIdiot9113069d ago


I would have bought it for the PS3 with Move support. But since it's on the Wii, I am less inclined to as it's not in at least 720p and hence not worth the $50. Maybe when it's closer to $20.

Neckbear3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

So resolution defines wich games you buy?

...Seriously? It's not worth 50$ 'cause it's not 720p? Jesus christ.

I'll get the game tomorrow, when it releases, as I've already pre-ordered it. Honestly, I could give two shits about the resolution, I'm all in for (what it seems) an awesome game.

xstation793069d ago

Wow that makes you sound really stupid. If you have a wii then why not just get this game for it?

maniacmayhem3069d ago

Do you own a Wii?
Because if you do you must know it's not an HD system which means you must not own any games for it if you go on resolution alone.

Again I have to ask why even have a Wii then?

*looks at name...


wwm0nkey3069d ago

That sucks, probably would have done better if it was released on 360 and PS3 and wasnt toned down like originally planed.

Quagmire3069d ago

was digging the whole dark theme they were goin for, until they buttered it up for kids again.

Zir03069d ago

Well there has been no ads in the UK.

Its sad because all Nintendo is advertising are games that have been out for ages like Mario Kart and SMBW. They need to support 3rd parties more.

vhero3069d ago

Never gonna happen as they dont care about 3rd partys.

Baka-akaB3069d ago

Disney is big and experienced enough to promote on their own . Definitively their fault

MGRogue20173069d ago

... I bet the pirates out there are enjoying it though.

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