Resolution: Dungeon Hunter Alliance hands-on preview

Resolution's Andreas Varotsis writes: Dungeon Hunter is a tried-and-tested formula taken, updated, improved, and released on PSN at a very affordable price point – but the focus here is undeniably on cooperative play. As one of three classes – the rogue, warrior, mage – you and up to three friends are, once more, tasked with saving the world from insurmountable evil. It’s hardly radical, but in the immortal words of grandparents everywhere, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. No matter how many players you have, or what class you pick, you’ll be woken up by your own personal fairy guardian in an underground tomb, with a nasty case of amnesia – an illness which seems to have become scarily contagious in video-game land, seeing it seems to have spread to every protagonist in any gamer ever.

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maniac763613d ago

sounds great,any game like this is always welcome,lets hope its decent

TANUKI3613d ago

The vibrant colours reminds me of Torchlight (another good RPG).