Windows Phone 7 Exclusive Butterfly Now Available

From the developers of Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard, indie French developer Press Start Studio, comes Butterfly, available now exclusively on the Windows Phones 7 platform in selected countries. Butterfly is another title to feature connectivity to Windows Phone 7’s Xbox LIVE network, featuring Achievements and online Leaderboards.

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kevco333062d ago

Yeah, I'm going to be buying this. At that price you can't really argue against getting more Gamerscore!

riksweeney3062d ago

£2.49, are they joking?

There's a reason why Angry Birds has sold so well.

kevco333062d ago

£2.49 seems to be the entry level price point for Xbox LIVE enabled games on WP7. I don't have a problem with that at all...

ispendallday3061d ago

That sounds like a great price!! I'm down for sure!

mjolliffe3061d ago

Windows Phone 7 is pretty damn awesome, just hope the sales crank up a bit more in order for Microsoft to stick with it :)