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BeefJack: "Gran Turismo 5 certainly is the ultimate singleplayer driving simulator, and dazzles with ease. Hopefully the multiplayer will receive some post-release attention to smooth out those few wrinkles."

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nickjkl3069d ago

"There still a few more problems, such as damage looking unconvincing"

another review to write off?

morganfell3069d ago

Another 3 hour tour review.

thereapersson3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Polyphony should have just sent in copies of Need for Speed disguised inside GT:5 boxes. That way the reviewers can get their complete racing experience in the span of 3 hours, and soon after we can erase "work", "simulation", and "comprehension" from the dictionary.

Don't worry Morganfell, here come the disagrees and excuses as to why the game shouldn't try to be a simulation, and why you should be able to completely total your beater car within the first few hours of game play, and also exhaust your bank account because of the repairs you have to worry about because you decided that playing Destruction Derby wrapped in a Gran Turismo shell would be a good idea.

NecrumSlavery3069d ago

what is really annoying to read is this damage compaining. you'd think by now, these sites who haven't put out their reviews yet would of known that damage is progressive, just like AI. they completely ignore it and still right completely false reviews.

DigitalAnalog3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

"It’s an impressive simulator that even pulls off weather effects which actually affect you driving, but it lacks adrenaline. "

He'll be up for an EXTREMELY rude awakening when unlocks damage at lvl 20 only to find out he may have no more credits to pay for his idiocy.

-End of Line

feelintheflow3069d ago

Of course that is wrong if they only spent 3 hours, but lets not forget it was Sony that kept most people waiting till the last minute to get their hands on a review copy and since most sites want to get a review out asap so their readers can see it, I blame Sony just as much. But of course most will not since you are not allowed to blame sony for anything on this site.

nickjkl3069d ago

really feel

the review sites can wait to release a review

bu tthey didnt why because they only care about hits and not being truthful to the consumer

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xXxSeTTriPxXx3069d ago

but they gave gears of war2 a 9.6 and it had the worse online i've ever played in my life.