Bayonetta 2 - Officially Confirmed

Hideki Kamiya himself confirms development of Bayonetta 2 and even teases that soon he will present the first look of the game.

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Shanks4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

If you're planning another lame PS3 port, don't even bother. PS3 owners don't need this crap.
But I aint gonna buy this either way so I don't really care.

52pickup4682d ago

That's why PS3 was the lead platform for Vanquish. Vanquish held up extremely well on PS3,so I expect the same level of effort on PS3 for Bayonetta 2.

mikeslemonade4682d ago

Gonna definitely play it but not buy it. I rented the first one and was happy that I did. The game was very lengthy too. It's a game that I play once but never again though.

Active Reload4682d ago

"But I aint gonna buy this either way so I don't really care."

Then why comment? BTW, the PS3 version outsold the 360 version.

Acquiescence4682d ago

because the first game is the most overrated piece of trash I've played this year and I'm still, to this very day, pissed that I handed over cash for the limited edition on day of release.

I will take some solace in the fact that come release date for the sequel, I won't be fooled into believing the hype and opening my wallet a second time round.

And the woman's got a tiny head; they oughta fix that.

Qbanj694682d ago

Really? I just recently finished Bayonetta (PS3) and with the install it was pretty fluid. I loved the game- I even Platinum'd it!

gunnerforlife4682d ago

i bought the first one for £12.99 pre-owned like 3 weeks after it came out, and if they dont fix this one on ps3 ill do the same

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NecrumSlavery4682d ago

It won't. They led on PS3 with vanquish and that game is 20x more visually gorgeous than Bayonetta. The PS3 version is smooth and it helped the 360 version to be about equal. I expect bayonetta 2 will come much closer to nextgen blockbuster in it's graphics as long as they use their newest engine and not that ok'd one for B1.

deadreckoning6664682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Don't mess up the PS3 version. I actually sold the game back because the graphics and textures were so washed out that I couldn't see when enemies were going to strike. Who knows maybe I just sucked at the game..but I'm pretty sure that the washed out graphics played a HUGE role.

If they gave the same care and attention to the PS3 version as they did with the 360 version, it would have been one of the best action games I've ever played.

@Digitaldude- I didn't play the 360 version, but I didn't need to. In this stage in the game, Bayonetta's visuals were inexcusable. The PS3 port was so blurry in spots that it ACTUALLY affected the gameplay in that it was stupid hard to SEE and predict enemy attacks.

Digitaldude4682d ago

Lol i'm going to buy it cause Bayonetta was an extremely good game. After the patch load times were good and there were no problems, just blown out of proportion.

Qbanj694682d ago

Yeah I seriously enjoyed this game, I had to get that platinum trophy. I can't wait til part 2 comes out, and like I said before, with the install the game ran smooth.

Black-Helghast4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Exactly...i bought the first game becuz i played it on my friends 360, but when i played it on my ps3 i noteced big framrate issues and huge loading times plus less graphics? i sold it 1 week later.

Neckbear4682d ago

Honestly, you're overreacting about the PS3 port.

I played it on PS3 post-patch, and didn't had any problem with it (Aside from them textures).

Theonik4682d ago

Platinum games is probably doing the port this time round like in Vanquish so we'll see a similar result with that.

fossilfern4682d ago


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Malicious4682d ago

I'm surprised that they would even consider a Bayonetta 2 considering the 1st one flopped. Darksiders really overshadowed that game.

Digitaldude4682d ago

Shame cause Bayonetta oh so much better than darksiders.

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rjdofu4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Bayonetta is pretty much overrated. Crappy story, so-so character design and a decent gameplay, which maybe complicated on the surface but not so much deep like some people stated. Not to mention the PS3 port is damn frustrating to play. But, it's a pretty fun game nonetheless.

Bayonetta 2 should put some deep into the characters and story, and make the fuking game perform equally on both consoles.

Sidewinder-4682d ago

Dude i took the game more as a fan-service.

Throwbacks to Outrun/Hang-On and Afterburner; even Viewtiful Joe.

Bayonetta was the shit.

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rjdofu4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

@j-blaze: lol dude, for an action game like Bayonetta, running at a decent framerate ( higher than 50FPS )is one of the most important aspects because it decides the responsiveness of the combo. If you touched the ps3 version, you would know that the game hardly ever run above 30FPS even after the patch right?

The thing I don't like about the gameplay part is that you use the same combo button for every weapon set, and the attack speed is slow, unlike DMC, where you can pull out combo at crazy speed. The mechanic is simple, you can dodge mid-combo and hold button for extra effects. Some weapons have different advantages but hardly help since you can abuse weapons like Killgore or Pillow talk. The gameplay may sound complicated, but that's is. Nothing special to me. However, I still said it's fun right?

@sonicsidewinder: so you play the game for the look? In that case, I have no comment.

Sidewinder-4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Of course look isn't everything. The gameplay was fun, flashy and attractive.
The soundtrack was decent too.

All the throwback references are just iceing on the proverbial cake. Adds to the charm. The fact it didnt really take itself seriously was fun too.

xYokox4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Wut wut wut? Lmao!

rjdofu, Sega recoded the animations for PS3 version. And the frame rate hardly drops apart from that falling clock tower stage.

And killgore and pillowtalk you say? You have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty to get Pillowtalk. yeah, no fun at all...

Pathetic really, at least don't make stuff up.

Oh, and the mechanics were certainly no less complicated than Dmc, just like you choose to abuse the killgore bug, you can choose to use moon of Maha Kalaa and the such. selective judgmenet ftw, right buddy?

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guzman4682d ago

@Malicious: 1.5 million copies of Bayonetta sold between 360/Ps3, hardly a flop, try doing some research before spouting off kid. Anyway, Bayonetta is the best hack and slash this gen. The only thing the mediocre Darksiders is overshadowing is the bargain bin.

pr0digyZA4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Don't state your opinion as fact guzman. Too many people, Darksiders was an excellent game. I still hit agree though because 1.5 million is definitely not a flop.

Qbanj694682d ago

Is God of War considered a hack/slash game? If so, I disagree with you- GOW 3 is the best hack/slash game this gen. Now... Bayonetta is the best hack/slash MULTIPLATFORM game this generation, by a mile.

Malicious4682d ago

Bayonetta only sold 1.5 million copies between 2 consoles but couldn't do that much for a single console? If it really was the best hack & slash this gen then it should've pulled in more numbers than that. God of War 3 is the best hack & slash this gen. It got double sales of Bayonetta (with GoW3 only being released on 1 console) and it has the higher average rating. Bayonetta is mediocre at best.

xYokox4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Yeah, apart from yourself, Malicious, nobody considered it's sales a 'flop'. get your facts straight.

Oh, and I'm sick of people comparing different games. Ignorant fanboys. That overrated, overhyped Rygar clone called Gow should be compared to the likes of DI, or Darksiders. Bayonetta should be put against Dmc or NG. It's ludicrous really, even your precious Jaffe said the same.

xYokox4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

First - you have to be insane if you believe an exclusive would sell twice the amount if it was on both consoles. And 1.5 million for a niche game like Bayonetta is more than successful.

Second: stop comparing different games and grasping at straws. sales =/= quality.

Also, anyone who thinks there's a difference between 92 and 90 is a sad man. It gets two idiots on Metacritic to lower your metascore a point or two. And Bayonetta got better scores from many.

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ISKREEM4682d ago

Awesome, I was really interested in the first, but couldn't bring myself to play through the sloppy job they did with the PS3 port. I'm hoping this one will be like Vanquish, in terms of performance across different platforms.

Dsnyder4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

So what are the features that will make this a true upgrade to bayonetta? More nudity? Lesbian sex scenes? Motion tracking done by professional strippers?

In all seriousness, this game needs to go to hell. It has no class and only does harm to the gaming industry. We were just starting to get past the stereotype that gamers are all immature horny 12 year olds but now we have this game to thank for killing our reputation for the next 10 years.