Leaked Screens from Bungies new Game (UPDATE: FAKE)

"With the hype of a new cross console game I decided to give you a taste of a newly developed shooter.

I will not give the title.

So Far only bits of the first three missions are playable. As you can see graphics are yet to be finished. (this is one of the earliest playable versions.) It plays like a cross between Halo, Call of Duty and RainbowSix.
We were told many of the visible characters and models were placeholders yet to be fully rendered (same goes for weapons).
I can't report much as far as story goes, there is no dialogue or objectives yet.

It takes place (estimated) sometime from 2020 - 2040, it is like a semi-modern war game."


Luke Smith from Bungie confirmed that the screen where fakes on neogaf.

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Pedantic914500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

Another shooter :(

Dont we have enough FPS games as it is ?

-Alpha4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

That hasn't stopped people from enjoying MAG, Bad Company 2, Resistance, MoH, Socom, COD, Crysis, etc.

I wish it was something different too, but if it's a great game then I wont mind.

I'm just not liking Activision behind Bungie. If this is COD Future Warfare or COD MMO then I'm intrigued as a fan, but hoping it's something different or different enough.

People are judging when the game is barely developed lol.

Don't worry-- we have a wealth of non-shooters coming up, so I'm not fretting.

Bobbykotickrulesz4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

A wealth of non-shooters?

Uh... Name 10.

Edit: @below
1. That's 9. (until you stealth edited, google is your friend)
2. half of those games won't come out for at LEAST a year.
And 3. The other half are unconfirmed and might not even release in the USA or anywhere outside of Japan for that matter.

But hey, that's a "wealth of non-shooters" even though you actually named a shooter in the list.

Rumor4500d ago

fps gtfo bungie. NOW!

-Alpha4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

LittleBigPlanet 2
The Last Guardian
Arkham City
Dragon Age 2
Diablo 3
LA Noire
inFamous 2
Uncharted 3, likely
New Sly game
That new Demon's Souls-like game
The new JRPG by Level 5
White Knight Chronicles 2
Twisted Metal (it's primarily car combat)
Motorstorm 3
New Ratchet and Clank game/PS Move Heroes
Forza 4
Final Fantasy Versus
New Zelda game

Need I go on?

A new shooter by a shooter-experienced development group isn't something I mind. People are judging way too harshly when the game has barely come along

@Jack Hoff above

What's your point? I named these from the top of my head. There are many more coming for all platforms that aren't shooters.

You may be sick of another shooter, but you barely know enough to be so negative towards it.

I've seen people get excited for the new Resistance game, Killzone 3, MoH, etc. Yet suddenly a game they barely know enough of from Bungie is "too much". I share the same nausea, but you never know how it can turn out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm tired of shooters, but by the time this game rolls around I'll probably be interested enough to at least check it out. I'll give Bungie the benefit of the doubt and hope they have a good game on their hands.

MerkinMax4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

The second picture is so fake. That is clearly Sandtrap from Halo 3. The gun is the arm and M16 from MW2. The scope is from Modern Warfare with a slight color variation. The choppers a clear photoshop. Jesus people, it's just cut and paste jobs from different games.

I'm going to disprove this crap right now. I'll be back with pics.

blue7xx74500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

@SltPoison apparently it's fake since one of the pictures contains concept art from Halo ODST

MerkinMax4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )


Halo 3's Sandtrap from multiplayer is the background.

The scope from CoD 4's M4A1

Here's the character in front of you.

So the chopper and the crappy looking building were also pasted in. It's a terrible photoshop!

That was too easy, come on N4G, don't believe everything you see!!!

Dayngls4500d ago

@ sltPoison
lmfao! good shit man! bubbles

ExplosionSauce4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

I'm hoping for Bungie to do something non-FPS war-ish related.

vhero4500d ago

@sltPoison nice pull there..

No Way4500d ago

Yes, there are a wealth of non-shooter games, released and upcoming.
But, I like Bungie. They are good. I trust them more than either COD dev.
As long as Activision don't butt in too much, I'd expect it to be good.

Mr Tretton4499d ago

Alpha Male 22: "Need I go on?"

Please, no. I've seen enough of your tlnr, 1 dozen essays daily per thread. Seriously bro.

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Shackdaddy8364500d ago

Why is anyone surprised/upset about this?

Its a dev that is experienced in shooters. Of course they are gonna make a shooter game.

Plus since its Bungie, it will probably be good.

ShinMaster4500d ago

"experienced in a shooter"

Fixed :)

vhero4500d ago

MEh I don't get this just because its Bungies it will be good?? See that's what wrong with the world people will be willing to give it a pass no matter how bad it is just because Bungie made it. Same with the last couple of Halo games none surpass the first 3 in quality yet still get rave reviews and millions of copys sold because they are Halo games by Bungie rope.

princejb1344500d ago

what a idiot comment
"Plus since its Bungie, it will probably be good. "
yes bungie is good developer
but they was only good at one franchise which was halo
go try their other games such as oni
and you'll see what i mean

Lich1204500d ago

Marathon and Myth were both very good / innovative, for their time. They're too old to stand up any longer however.

No Way4500d ago

Bungie has made other good games. Halo is just commercially awesome.
Like other dude said, Marathon is good. I can still play that, &have fun.

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CombineElite4500d ago

3rd person Shooter
side scrolling shooter
Action RPG
point and click adventure
Cover system game
Fighting game
sports game
platform game
Survival Horror
anything with Zombies in it
Racing game
Puzzle game
Pokemon game

Jesus H Christ what are developers suppose to make as I don't see them making up a new category oops my bad Kinect style game. So Bungie should make a Kinect game. You guys need to stop complaining. If it's a good game then buy it.

ShinMaster4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

Actually, the "not another..." comment is mainly used for the FPS shooter genre. Not all the other ones you listed.

ForROME4500d ago

We can never have enough FPS its my favorite Genre, so shut your mouth, and BRING IT!

FanboyPunisher4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

How about when an article is flagged as fake, take it down?

@ Pope (Below)
Game costs increase, Uniqueness/Ingenuity greatly decrease.

Sigh.. :(

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saint_john_paul_ii4500d ago

oh god, not another f**king shooter.... WTF happened to Ingenuity, Uniqueness?

Shackdaddy8364500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

Well, they said it is part R6 so hopefully its a strategy shooter instead of a fast paced shooter.

We need more 1st person strategy shooters. Cant think of many ATM. Most are 3rd person(which is still good).

blue7xx74500d ago

The last picture has the same sign as this story from a few months ago here in N4G about Bungie trademarking Aerospace.

Genecalypse4500d ago

Well there you have it, welcome Aerospace...

Sevir044500d ago

at leats we know the name of their game and that development is now fully underway!

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Genecalypse4500d ago

Oh goddamnit, another fucking shooter

silkrevolver4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

...ANOTHER military shooter! COME ON GUYS!!!! We need some Goddamn variety in this industry!!!!!! Sigh... all we can hope for is Respawn (aka, the reborn Infinity Ward) isn’t making a shooter as well, but... that’s doubtful.

Ducky4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

... Respawn?

Edit: No worries. To Err is human.

Considering that those guys are mostly responsible for making military-shooters so famous, I doubt they'd make something else.

silkrevolver4500d ago

Whoops. I meant Respawn. My bad.