Interview with Peter Molyneux

Canaljuegos has interviewed Peter Molyneux, the genius behind games like Populous, Syndicate, Theme Park, Dungeon Beeper, Black & White or Fable. This videogaming Guru, who is developing Fable 2 at the moment, has given some minutes.

Let's talk about Fable 2. There are two subjects very present in all your games: good and evil, and freedom. Is Fable 2 going to reach the freedom level most of the players were expecting from the first Fable? Will the player really have the choice, not only to be good or bad following a scripted path, but also to write his own adventure? Can you give us an example of how much freedom of movements and choice will the players have?

Yes there will be both total freedom of movement and a broader range of emotional choices in Fable 2. Firstly the world is totally free roaming and simulated to such a degree that not only can you go anywhere you want but you can buy everything you see and could end up owning and ruling the whole world! As I mentioned we've expanded our choice axis system so now it's not just good/evil but also purity/corruption and kindness/ cruelty. All of the choices you make are reflected not only in your character but also by your dog, family and children too. In short we've tried to make sure that Fable 2 is bigger and better than the original game in every way, which is what I think a sequel should always be.

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jcgamer4062d ago

the idea of love seems intriguing...Peter said that he and the developers find this area of the game truly intoxicating...a player will truly care for the people who care for him...who doesn't want to rule and buy an entire world! or live in a castle?...amazing stuff...

TheXgamerLive4062d ago

I mean we'll play but I think with soooo much freedoms and with soooo much going on we can always add on to other levels of play, whether single or online play.

I feel peters going all out on some really incredible idea's. I'm excited about his vision for the world.
I want a game I can go back to and add onto my own world whether next week or next month and totally change it if I like.

Cool beans I say.