Heretic and Hexen ported to the PS3

Hermes has ported the classic Heretic and Hexen to the PS3.

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sinncross3592d ago

Heretic and Hexen? wow those were the good old days :)

Baliw3591d ago

Yeah. Games nowadays are all the same and no real challenge.

Cajun Chicken3592d ago

That's pretty cool, but best play them on Doomsday on PC, far better.

kube003592d ago

Gotta get Heretic, what a great game

Black-Helghast3591d ago

More hack ports? And i was happy thinking this was gonna be on PSN...

Nihilism3591d ago

I know right!? who wants to play a 15 year old game for free when you can be charged $15 ass tax for the PSN version :S

kasasensei3591d ago

Damn! Same here. I was hoping for a psn release. Those old fps can be played easily with a gamepad.

pixelsword3591d ago

A hacker site? Honestly?

This is exactly why N4G has a bad rep: stuff like this gets approved too quickly and the people who approves it never gets punished, yet those who do often are punished.

Darkfocus3591d ago

hacking doesn't inherently mean piracy or something negative you know... there's a lot of awesome homebrew out there. Most hacks just enable more functionality (although piracy is often one of those functions...)

Zeevious3591d ago

no...not ALWAYS -- just OFTEN.

I have no sympathy for pirates claiming "homebrew" BS on a system that HAD all the homebrew you wanted under Linux before the pirates ruined that.

To claim this is "homebrew" is a joke. Are any of these games licensed for release? This goes right to a Sony approved developer site right...or to a hacking site built on the stolen debug code from Sony?

Oh that's's that pesky STOLEN CODE one.

Now, let's talk about another word you should know right now...

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The story is too old to be commented.