VGAs To Feature More Gaming Industry Figures Than Ever Before

While Spike TV’s Video Game Awards have been home to numerous high profile game reveals, many have criticised the celebrity-focused event for its almost embarrassing showbiz cameos, and irrelevant guest appearances. With a new director, Hamish Hamilton, taking the helm, the show is set to take a new direction, hopefully addressing viewers concerns. Now, GTTV host Geoff Keighley has hinted that the show may still be star studded – but this time with people from the gaming industry.

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doctorstrange3069d ago

Some parts of the VGAs really made me cringe, I hope this one'll be far better

-Alpha3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Hate the VGAs but they are a good platform to reveal new games.

I'm hearing MS has some exclusives to reveal, including new Kinect titles. They need to make up for E3.

Hoping to see more Sony exclusives, PSP2 reveal, and some JRPGs including a Valkyria Chronicles sequel on PS3

Bobbykotickrulesz3069d ago

lol JRPGs? Good luck. Apparently the west doesn't want those anymore. Why else would japan fail to release them here?

doctorstrange3069d ago

I really doubt we'll see a PSP2 reveal, VGAs just arent big enough. CES, E3 and Gamescom are the only places we could see it.

Blacktric3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

AKA: prepare to see important "industry" figures like; Soulja Boy, 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, a couple washed up wrestlers, more than enough football players and one or two skinny top models in the show this year.

Edit: "Interestingly, Keighley replied:

Stay tuned! We got you covered."

I'm sorry but this isn't a complete confirmation. Maybe he's gonna invite Pachter and other clowns to the show instead of some real developers? Who knows.

MicroSony4Life3069d ago

HIPHOPGAMER at the VGA's confirmed - just kidding but would make a good laugh to see HHG with his wrestling belt jump on stage after Mass Effect 2 wins the GOTY award and bust a Kanye.

Blacktric3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

"Hey Geoff, I love you and Imma let you finish, BUT BLACK OPS IS THE BEST GAEM OF ALL TIME!"

Edit: BTW Black Ops really is a nominee in the GOTY category this year. And Hiphop Gamer Show guy also attended the Black Ops launch event LMAO!

FunAndGun3069d ago

I can totally picture that happening!


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ftwrthtx3069d ago

We want to see gaming stars like Stiq, Kojima, and the Uncharted crew.

doctorstrange3069d ago

If I do see the Naughty Dog guys I'll scream, that'll surely mean UC3

rdgneoz33069d ago

And then they'll have all those gaming stars on stage during the commercials like they do with half the awards...

Sev3069d ago

They asked me to give out an award but sadly I'm too busy that night. :(

ftwrthtx3069d ago

Give em my name and number and I'll take your place :-)

Matthew943069d ago

i wanna see Terry Cavanagh!

silkrevolver3069d ago

1-No BS “gamer” celebrities.
2-Less teaser, more trailer
3-Mass Effect 2 GOTY

silkrevolver3069d ago

...Mass Effect 3 isn’t out yet... it can’t win GOTY....

Teddybee3068d ago

It can be announced tho

silkrevolver3068d ago

...That’s not the point...

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The story is too old to be commented.