Pocket-Lint: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Pocket-Lint writes: You'll need three things to get the most out of Gran Turismo 5: patience, a steering wheel, and a deep, almost senseless love of cars and all things Gran Turismo. Of the three, only the steering wheel is optional.

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Enzo3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

"The same goes for car damage, which is unconvincing and almost imperceptible unless you start hitting heavy objects at really high speeds."

lol oh man, lemme guess you reviewed the game at level 7? Why do we even bother.

Here ya go: GT5 sells 1.8 Million copies in TWO DAYS... and still selling fast.

That's right, I think three of my friends who owns a 360 contributed on that lol

joeorc3070d ago

"More worryingly, the key things that we all moaned about with Gran Turismo 4 - the lack of car damage, the dubious AI, the ease with which you can either bump or upgrade your way to victory - remain fundamentally unfixed."

hehe...yea you went far in the game there sparky..

an this is great:

Forza III, for instance, trumps GT5 in every respect except car numbers and feel. It's a slicker, more accessible, more inclusive and more exciting game.

got to love the Forza III grading scale that GT5 was graded

hey though a great score non the less, but its so good that the Review copy was at fault, an not the person going further in the game.