BlastMagazine: Gran Turismo 5 Review

BlastMagazine writes: Gran Turismo 5 is a lot of things, it’s about cars, about speed and about craftsmanship, but above all else, it’s about one man’s obsessive quest for perfection.

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NecrumSlavery3069d ago

"The Blast Factor: To the right audience, Gran Turismo 5 isn’t just an astoundingly detailed game, its perfection, but for those not willing to put forth the effort and time to navigate through menu after menu, customization after customization, it can be a bit lacking. While other games like the incredibly fun Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit focus on the pure of high velocity action, Gran Turismo focuses on the minute details of being obsessed with your car – and it’s both a positive and a negative depending on who you are and how you like you’re racing."

GT 5 is not for casuals who like explosions. the reviewer also said that he isn't a car guy and doesn't have a love appreciation of cars like GT5 is. He call it a museum. So KAZ. a tip for GT6, add less car love and more KABOOMS.

Orionsangel3069d ago

He basically says the game didn't live up to the hype. It's not the next evolution in racing games we were promised for the last 6 years. We got our hopes up for nothing. It's just another typical GT racing game and if that's good enough for you. You'll be happy. Those that were expecting something spectacular and revolutionary. You'll feel let down.

MysticStrummer3069d ago

That's not what he said at all. This guy likes arcade racers apparently, but this review fails in several places. Delay after delay... wrong. Start the game with a run down jalopy... wrong. Have to be a hardcore car guy to enjoy... wrong. Can't customize enough... ok, that's an opinion and that's cool, but my response would be that GT has never been about the kind of customization you would see in a game about street racing. It's about the performance of the cars and the environments themselves being as real as possible. Lastly, and this is just another difference of opinion, the review mentions my favorite track so far as one that's a let down. To me it just looks real instead of like a videogame. The bottom line is that an arcade racing fan wrote this review. It even says that "The Real Driving Simulator" is a deserved subtitle for the game, but that's not how the game was judged... yet again. I just hope PD doesn't cave in to these arcade lovers and put in something stupid like the ability to rewind time.

Three_Sisters3068d ago

the reviewer said:

“I’m not a car guy, never have been.”

^ There’s the problem….why the hell would his KIND review something that is not for HIS KIND…..