AI Comparison - GT5 vs. Forza 3

The video shows how both games AI opponents react to an obstacle.

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Ezio20483817d ago

gt5 is the best racing game ever!!!!!!!!!!!

aceitman3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Oh!! ok , When u compare something put it in the same view . plus gt5 is set at beginning stage where ai is not to smart.

Dante1123817d ago

Lol, come on now. Skip to 2:10. The driver here swayed into oncoming cars, parked and even drove head on and the AI still missed him.

^On top of that, you can choose to lower that AI setting much like in GT5p.

ComboBreaker3817d ago

after they have reach level 40 in GT5.

ConanOBrien3817d ago Show
RIP_Weazel3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Symptoms include,
being "unbearable"
"babbling inside a self created delusion bubble"?

Wrong diagnosis there doc.
Those are all symptomatic with "ass-hat troll-itis", and I hope you have medical insurance, as from the look of things, you seem to have contracted a heavy dose pal.

zootang3816d ago

GT5 = 16 cars

Forza 3 = 8 cars

That says it all for me!

mamotte3816d ago


F-Zero GX = 30 cars

GT5 = 16 cars

Forza 3 = 8 cars

Am I getting this right?

zootang3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

No point

thief3816d ago

Use your mind please
F-zero is a fabulous game, but its last gen, in 480i, much lower level of effects and visuals.
Its like saying Dynsaty warriors has far more enemies on screen compared to God of War 3, hence its better

8-bit3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

How come no one noticed that in GT5 he put the car right on the line where traffic passes and in Forza he put the car to the left of the dark part of the road where cars frequently drive? I call BS on this one. Do the video again and put the Forza car on the darker part of the road and see what happens.

Why are people going out of there way to make these kind of comparisons when they aren't even going to do them fairly?

Neckbear3816d ago


He was just using reverse logic, as it seems like zootang likes to think that the more cars the better.


So now, "no point"?

Ahahahahah. Jesus.

lastdual3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )


Actually, it's hard to see, but the car is right on the racing line in both instances. If you look closely you can see the triangles of the Forza line.

Anyways, I hear that GT5's AI gets better at advanced stages, but they should have probably had smarter AI right from the start. It's never as fun racing against dumb opponents, and there are better ways to balance difficulty.

zootang3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )


We want to advance not stagnate. Would that not mean more cars on screen at better quality which GT5 has? Have you even played GT5?

yess3816d ago

In GT5 they put the car in the direct racing line, and Forza sligtly outside racing line to create the illusion that the cars try to avoid collision.

Another fail...

Game on..

thief3816d ago

But the cars comparison does make sense in GT vs Forza, as more cars means more taxing on AI. Its like having 2 opponents versus 6 at any time in a shooter game.

In any case, whether you agree with the AI levelling approach or not, its fair to say that you have to compare GT5 AI after level 40 to make a comparison. And I haven’t heard anyone deny that at that level, GT5 AI/damage is better than Forza – which is impressive considering that supposed to Forza’s strong point, while GT5 is indisputably superior in graphics, car detail,, physics, handling.

TheBest3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Unlock the AI skill at higher levels and then do a comparison:

Damn gaming media don't actually play games before they have opinions on them. It's like watching 3/4 of a movie and doing a review on it, or listening to half a music CD and doing a review on it.

Hideo_Kojima3815d ago

Play B-Spec and you will realize how smart the AI is...

On B-Spec when the drivers are pressured they start making more mistakes. They get pressured when they are near other cars and they calm down when they are leading the race.

The AI is fine the only problem is that in the beginner levels the AI is retarded.

I think PD should have let you chose a level from the start and let you play from there on instead of doing what they did because a lot of people are complaining about damage etc...

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JsonHenry3816d ago

Yeah, but does GT5 allow to you play across three monitors/TVs? :)

Mustang300C20123816d ago

Actually yes it does along with GT4 as well I believe

CernaML3816d ago

Wow shinobix. You sure are quick to assume that GT5 doesn't have multi screen support without having absolutely any piece of evidence. GT4 supported multi screen. Why wouldn't GT5 support it? We already saw interesting tech demos of FOUR PS3's powering GT5 for either a ridiculously huge resolution or extremely fast frame rates of 240hz.

Hideo_Kojima3815d ago

Gran Turismo 5 Gaming on a Six LCD?

Unnecessary but WOW!!!

The 6 screens should be around the player so that you could look around the full 360 degrees.

Imagine how awesome it would be to turn and look behind to see if there are any cars coming.

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vhero3816d ago

Okay I don't really get the point of this as who rides in reverse?? If anything this means it's harder to pass cars in GT5 which would make it more realistic when driving the right way! Whereas Forza the cars move out your way and let you pass them..

Lavagasm3816d ago

@yess: Actually if you look at the video, you'll see the green lines (indicating the best racing route) are leading straight to the car in the Forza capture, just like the GT5 capture.

likedamaster3816d ago

Even video proof won't convince the GT fanboy.

Hideo_Kojima3815d ago

It won't because I was trying this last night and the AI went around me :S

However when I tried it on a sharp turn the AI didn't see me and drive into me.

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moegooner883817d ago

A user posted this video regarding Forza 3 AI on Gamespot forums:

MaximusPrime3817d ago

lol, now that's what i called failed simulator-wannabe

Hideo_Kojima3815d ago

lmao I love how the SUB just drives of after like nothing happened when all the cars behind him totaled themselves.

Shadow Flare3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Lmao I thought forzas AI was supposed to be better? I guess it's not

visualb3816d ago


those are early level AI's "gamer" dude (trollerdude)

point is, AI increases as you progress.

don't think thats good? take it up with PD, it was their choice.

but its a fact, or do you say that the AI in your video vs the AI in alojuanjo's video is the exact same? =P

you people just don't get it. you're like politicians changing facts:

early GT5 AI sucks
late GT5 AI is...well its perfectly fine

disagree with this?

contact Polyphony Digital.

vhero3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Yep I agree the AI does get more agrresive as you play so you can easily get past cars earlier on they run pretty much in a set line like in the vid. Later on they are a pain they will move to block you from getting past like a human would.
Good link to forza though just proves the above video wrong.

N4PS3G3817d ago Show
King-Leonidas3816d ago

LMAO at forza fanboys trying to downplay the real driving simulator

helrazor3433816d ago

They're are just picking up the slack, since Turn-10 ran out and got themselves some PS3s to get their GT5 on (plus they need a high bar to shoot for, should they decide to make another game). Now, GT5 is a great racing game and they know it, but I say don't hate come on over, you just might like it as well.

raztad3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )


The only GT5 fever around is people losing sleep due to long non-stop playtime.


Check alolaujo video just bellow you, and behold the beast.

Vesemir3816d ago

LOL. That's what I call a dumb AI.

Ducky3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

That looked like a car commercial.

I was expecting a tag-line like,
"The All new Audi Q7, it destroys the competition."
(or you know, something actually witty) to appear on the bottom of the screen. =/

MNicholas3816d ago

At 0:18 the porsche 944 sitting sideways get's t-boned causing it's rear glass to magically reappear.

Can GT5 do that?

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MaximusPrime3817d ago

brilliant manoeuvre by AI!

Shadow Flare3817d ago

That supra had really good AI actually

King-Leonidas3816d ago

LOL he dodged that like it depended on his life

raztad3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

Nice video alojuanjo.

That maneuver was amazing but I cant help but admire the awesomeness of that premium car. WoW, fvckin stunning. So much detail, it is incredible.

Vesemir3816d ago

The beast is unleashed ! Just ordered this game and a racing wheel in an online shop. It's too good.

Masterchef20073816d ago

AI isnt as dumb as the video made it seem (talking about the first video)

Kon_Artist 3816d ago

where is the epic crash at?

even though the ai are at low level, and the only reason they were hitting eachother, look at how close the cars were to eachother when he went head on into them

JonnyBigBoss3816d ago

GG. Gran Turismo 5 is the best in the business.

Calabolg3816d ago

It's funny how all the naysayers in this thread avoid this clip like its a plague. Not one of them have the courage to spin it.
Bubble for you alojuanjo.

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Zir03817d ago

Why are people still comparing these games, Forza 3 is the better game everyone but the hardcore GT5 agree. GT5 is currently 85 at meta vs 92 for F3.

Just stop trying to convince yourselves, you guys are just looking more and more pathetic, just be happy GT5 sells regardless of quality.

ComboBreaker3817d ago

Zir0 went and cried himself to sleep in a corner.

helrazor3433816d ago

He's probably never played a GT game, but as the sayings go, "baby steps, you gotta crawl before you can walk."

DigitalRaptor3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

And anyone who use the flawed and irrelevant metacritic system as a basis to any sort of quality argument has something wrong with them.

You know for a fact that these reviewers have not spent enough time with the game to know that the flaws they mention don't actually exist. This is probably the most scrutinised game I have ever seen. You know most of the reviewers didn't have a clue.

If you had actually read the reviews without just relying on a score, you would know that the reviews are incomplete and full of misinformation.

It's sad you're not seeing this, and would rather filter out what fits your arguments i.e. a metacritic score.

Lord_Doggington3817d ago

it's digital polyphony's fault for making a game that is unreviewable w/in the confines of a normal time-span for reviews. also their fault for not TELLING the reviewers that things change after hours upon hours of playing...why would reviewers just ASSUME things are different when u reach level 40?

digital polyphony fucked up

TheOldOne3817d ago

@lord doggy

its not PDs fault. its the reviewers job to fully play the game be4 they judge it, otherwise its not a fair review. Why would reviewers just ASSUME things are not different when u reach level 40? This basically shows that reviewers dont spend enough time playin the games they review.

Lord_Doggington3817d ago

have U ever played a games where the actual physics of the game CHANGE when you level up? i can't think of one game that does that.

why should the reviewers think any differently? every other racing game doesn't do that. they have to review other games as well, you know.

you just don't know shit about this stuff do you?

TheOldOne3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

no I cant think of a game where the physics chane as you level up. But so what?

"every other racing game doesn't do that"

it doesnt matter. as a reviewer you should play the entire game to the full so that you can review it fairly and accurately. This applies to all games.

DigitalAnalog3816d ago

What if, for the first time a JRPG is landed on western shores? And this reviewer, who has NEVER heard or experienced a JRPG woudn't know what to expect, played for a few hours and the verdict would end up like this:

- No story
- Endless grinding
- Cubersome menu system
- Higher lvl enemies to difficult for beginners

4.0 out of 10.

So, I guess it's the developers fault for not revealing the story and advanced game mechanics in the beginning to the player. Is that right?

-End of line

emekcrash3816d ago


You're obviously too slow... A reviewers job is to FULLY complete the game (Unless its extremely long, then they have to FULLY experience every single feature of the game which they didn't in this case. For example, IGN was blaming GT5 for not having damage... retards). If a reviewer does not FULLY experience the game, then the review is bad and invalid. Are you following?

despair3816d ago


so what you're saying is that you fault them for not following other racers? The point of progressive and improving games sometimes lie in the developer's choice to do something different.

From your logic all new takes on old genres should get blasted for not being like the others and the copycats should get high scores.

How does that make sense. The level system is a great idea and the damage being limited to certain level progressions work more than just seeing a lot of damage. Remember that if affects performance when racing and you pay to fix it on premium cars.

It would appear superficial if you allowed full damage from the get go but not performance loss and fixing cost until a certain level. That's why I enjoy PD games, they try their best to get it feeling like you're out there on the track, with limitations and compromises of course.

Its like any other game where you unlock better things at higher levels, only in this case you also get a rise in difficulty and sometimes have to rethink how you race.

How can anyone who actually and truly love racing games not get excited over that. All this fanboyism is not about which racer is better but which system.

The racers are too busy playing the hell out of the game to be bothered by these articles and comments. I would be there also if my copy was not delayed now you all will have to hear me until the 6th or 7th when I will finally get the damn game.

Dnied3816d ago

"it's digital polyphony's fault for making a game that is unreviewable w/in the confines of a normal time-span for reviews"

are you actually complaining about the game having too much content?

Lord_Doggington3816d ago

it's not uncommon for devs to give disclaimers about radical changes in gameplay (and yes this is a radical change) as you progress. many reviews out there for gt5 had NO IDEA that it changed as you progressed. because this is a new implementation, it should be recognized by the devs as to avoid any confusion in the reviews.

you idiots are defending something that was completely unfounded until someone wrote about it in a review. how about PD describing this as a positive feature BEFORE the game came out. they did it with the weather effects. they did it with the 1000 cars. why not say, "we're also featuring a level-up damage system for the first time in racing game history." Then every reviewer would be justifiably wrong because they didn't adhere to PD's PUBLIC statement. Instead, they decide to "test" the reviewers? What an idiotic plan!

most reviewers do not have time to sink 20-30 hours into one game for a review. They have to play OTHER games as well. So yes, they don't have time to see the differences in the game after 15-20 hours, but again, why would they? no one ever told them that a key element of gameplay would drastically change after all that time.

again, no other games do this. PD keeping everyone in the dark (including you) about a feature that is expected from the very moment you first crash should rightfully lead to mixed reviews of GT5

despair3816d ago


I don't understand what the problem is, many many games have twist and features not spoiled by the developer for the benefit of us the consumer. Imagine if you owned this game, ignore reviews and ignore comments, you sit down to play and for a little while you see small dents and damage but as you progress you get more and more damage shown but now you see that your vehicle performance drops and you have to pay for repairs.

To me that would be excitiing as I discovered even more depth to the game. Now look at a reviewer, they have a duty to complete the game before giving reviews. I have seen reviewers rating games that are almost unplayable and they still play from beginning to end. Why not with GT5 as they play they would notice the features and additions, plus as reviewers they will actively look for everything in the game.

Since when does a reviewer rely on a developer listing and explaining every feature in a game, its their job to develop and sometimes market(usually a separate department for that) the game, not spoon feed reviewers.

What this really shows is how much of the game the reviewers actually played, I mean if you cannot mention something like progressive damage in a game like this then you clearly have not played to that point. Its not exactly something you can gloss over or forget about now is it?

I don't know if Sony and PD did it intentionally but the fact that they did not mention much or anything on the level up system increasing damage shows exactly which reviewers rate a game after a few hours of gameplay and which ones actually play the game in its entirety no matter how much there is to do.

Its really a shocking exposure on the game reviews industry and companies showing exactly how much you can trust reviews. And if you're not more alarmed by that than some shoddy AI initially then you really don't care what happens to gaming and the dedicated people who create these amazing games for us. I mean reviews hurt or help sales and these companies can die without good sales and that's not an exaggeration.

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raztad3816d ago

"Regardless of quality"

LMAO. I pity you. Poor kid doesnt know what he is talking about.

"bu bu Forza is teh beterr, it gotz rewind and teh UIz"

SilverSlug3816d ago

zir0. It isn't though. Every review, if you read it, even IGN's says that GT5 is the best racing simulator. Numbers are numbers, sure the game has its flaws. But it is huge.

If you are serious about racing, there is only one game. Sure Forza might have better menus (yes, reviews actually docked down points for idiotic menus), but in the end, driving is what matters and GT5 is on top. Again.

Better luck in Forza 4 Kinect.

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IRetrouk3816d ago

alot of rpgs do the same sort of thing with their leveling up system, like it or not, damage gets better at level 20, its not a big deal.