PGR4 Hands-on

The most obvious change to the game this year is the introduction of motorcycles. It's something that hardcore PGR fans sneered at when it was announced, but after seeing the game in action (and playing it briefly) it isn't something gamers should be worried about.

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Crazyglues4065d ago

I am a huge fan of PGR3 so I really hope PGR4 is good.

from the looks of this video it looks like it's going to all work out fine and the 30fps will not be a factor.

I was really worried until I saw this video...

CG4065d ago

PGR3 was just a rush job and look how good that looked and played. bizare has had all the time they needed with PGR4 so theres absoulutly no doubt that PGR4 is going to be awsome.

Bill Gates4065d ago

"PGR4: Hands on"

No thanks, I don't want shiet on my hands.....AHAHAHAHAHA