The man who earned a job playing LittleBigPlanet

The true story of a builder whose near death experience led to a job making LBP2

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MariaHelFutura3064d ago

A bunch of people have been give jobs at MM.

It`s a smart idea.

BeOneWithTheGun3064d ago

Wow! What a refreshing story to read on N4G. Good for this guy! Can you imagine being in an interview and the interviewer says, "One sec" and then comes back in with half the company and goes, "OK. Continue." LMAO

Good for him!

Shani3064d ago

yes.. It is really amazing.. I laughed so hard at that point..

Awesome story.. I don't worry about the games that comes from these type of Devs. They would definitely make it incredibly amazing.

Can't wait for LBP2..

im-12-years-old3064d ago

First you must create the universe

CaptainMarvelQ83064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

then you bring the subject into that universe

El_Colombiano3064d ago

Oh. My. God. *head explodes*

FOXDIE3064d ago

then you create a universe in that universe!

Rage_S903064d ago

in soviet russia universe create you

*wonders if this isnt the case anyway*

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fantasygamer3064d ago

Nice story ^-^ and very creative an lucky guy.

Active Reload3064d ago

Yeah, that was a great story. Media Molecule and LBP are so wholesome it makes me wonder if Media Molecule are really from this planet, lol.


I think it was already common sense publishers and devs were trying to secure some level disign talents from LBP community. Expect even more relevance in LBP2 as it will not only reveal level designers but also writer, directors and screenplay artists, all of which already showed what they are able to achieve with limited options.

egidem3064d ago

This story just made me smile. :-)...what luck this guy met with!

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The story is too old to be commented.