PS3 Land Interviews Pandemic Studios

PS3Land Interviews Pandemic Studios and gets new details on Mercenaries 2 and devloping for the PS3. Read the full interview at

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zypher5384d ago

yes, i AM meaning to nitpick. WHY is this marked for the 360 as well, when the interviewed clearly says that the game has ONLY been announced for the PS3? both Elveon and Bioshock have been rumored to come to the PS3 every since they've been announced, but when posters post news about them they never mention the PS3, only the 360. i'm a owner of a 360, and future owner of the PS3: my views are only impartial and fair.

in any event Mercenaries 2 is looking sharp. making me wanna go get the original. can't wait for the sequel

NoUseMerc5384d ago

well I posted it in the Xbox 360 section because its more than likey it will come to Xbox360. If you read the interview they hint at possibly announcing it for multiplatforms

zypher5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

thats fine and dandy. i posted an article about the possibility of Mercenaries coming to the 360 some time ago...but i labled it under "rumor", as it had no factual evidence to support it.

i can speculate that Mercenaries 2 is coming to the 360, but it's still speculation. and as much as i may wish to the contrary, until Pandemic says otherwise, this game is still ONLY on the PS3.

STFU XBOX U SCARED5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

Ps3 is the only console powerfull to support this game! Any other format it would be flawed deeply!

NoUseMerc5384d ago

specially when it comes to thaT FREE roaming fire that they incorprate. Not to mentin i am sure they are using the Blu-Ray to maximize this game

BIadestarX5383d ago

This game is looking good. I have a question. I'm sure due to hardware the PS3 may run this game better than the XBox 360. But can you help me understand this statement, "Blu-Ray to maximize". I was under the impression that blu-ray only offers more disk capacity. What do you mean by maximize? Better the game's graphics?

DJ5383d ago

unless they decide to port it over, which seems to be the idea. I think they're either simply focusing on one version or just aren't very sure if a 360 version can even be made (it's possible that the game has already gone past the DVD-9 limit)

BIadestarX5383d ago

I can't wait for the PS3 to come out. I am very curious to see what the standard game capacity for PS3 games is. If PS3 games have better graphics (Noticeably) than the Xbox 360 and have more than 9GB than Microsoft will be in trouble. But, if the game looks the same but take 2 times more space then Sony will be accused of having poor compression or poor resource formats. If the PS3 games are a lot less than 9GB people will question the benefit of blu-ray for video games.
Time will tell. November will be here in no time.

The Real Deal5383d ago

Why do you keep spreading lies and mis information? Everyone knows that if a game uses more than the dvd9 limit they can use multiple discs. They did it with previous consoles when cd was the standard and if needed they will do it for the 360. But no game to date has used up both sides of the dvd 9. So thats pure speculation and totally irrelevant. Because multi dvds is still less expensive than one blu ray disc to manufacture. lying dude. Whats your motive?

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The story is too old to be commented.