Complete Famitsu review scores

In addition to handing out a near perfect score and a high mark for Tales of Graces on the PS3, Famitsu reviewed a number of additional titles in this week's issue.

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boogeyman9993065d ago

I'll never get to play Tales of Graces because of Bandai Namco and their evilness of not sending it to the US.

BeAGamer3065d ago

learn Japanese and import it


RedDead3065d ago

Ah now, in practice it really ain't simple.....

QuantumSponge3065d ago

"Ah now, in practice it really ain't simple..... "

No, but it's a fool-proof solution.

Game-ur3065d ago

The fan translation for the Wii is almost complete

Lavalamp3065d ago

There's always the translation patch that team has been working on for the past few months. It'll work for the Wii and there's a good chance they'll also translate the PS3 version as well. Check out the project at

Game-ur3065d ago

Hoping fan translations for games become as popular as anime fansubs, maybe the publishers will take notice.

Max Power3065d ago

It is amazing how much they love Monster Hunter over there...dang!

RedDead3065d ago

Gotta start playing the Wii one again, it's the sort of difficulty and feeling Demons souls gives me

QuantumSponge3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Good to see the Cooking Mama series continue its adherence to accepted female roles.