Ballistic readying a "The Art of Gran Turismo 5" artbook for December

According to Amazon.jp, Ballistic is making a new artbook from their "The Art of the Game" collection, and this one will be covering Gran Turismo 5. You can already preorder it for 5769 JPY, with a release date for December 2010. However, if you remember what they did for the Uncharted 2 artbook (and if you have some money to spend), they will certainly be a very limited $300 edition with leather cover and certificate of authenticity signed by the game developers.

Sunny_D4979d ago (Edited 4979d ago )

OMG! PD could have a special Holiday Photomode edition if they wanted! I rememeber PD releasing a Happy Holidays video when GT5: Prologue was released. Perfect for my Honda.

Here it is:

Man, that video always gives me that warm feeling you get during the holidays. Plus, lol at Santa driving the Elise.

DigitalRaptor4979d ago

These Ballistic Art Books are so nice!

The Uncharted 2 and God of War III ones looked amazing, and this one should be of the same deluxe quality.

I'm so tempted to get one. But damn they're pricey!


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Armyofdarkness11h ago

Ah, fond memories of strangling all the people in their hotel rooms in Hitman 1

bunt-custardly9h ago

Lara Croft, Nathan Drake etc, cos they pretend to be the good guys but are mass murderers that show no remorse.


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