Ultimate Gran Turismo 5 Beginner's Guide

Gran Turismo 5 is undoubtedly a daunting game. With 70 tracks and over 1,000 vehicles to choose from, the amount of content to unlock is ridiculous. And though the developers at Polyphony Digital have done their best to make the user interface as streamlined as possible, it’s hard not to sit in front of the My Home screen and wonder where to start. Our Beginner’s Guide rectifies that issue, and should get you on track in no time.

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s0ph1atr0n3064d ago

This should help out people who are completely new to the franchise.

mrv3213064d ago

Someone should email this to the guy who did the IGN review.

Billy_Dee_Williams3064d ago

Or maybe you all can just get over it. He had his opinion, deal with it.

mrv3213064d ago

I'm fine with HIS opinion, but his opinion is representing the game, if he has a problem with simulators or the playstation he should not be allowed to give out his opinion on the matter.

GT5 is clearly a simulator.

Reviews aren't opinion, they look at a game from a critical point of view and then alocate a score based upon what they see.

I don't like JRPG's but if I was told to gives a review on for a large TV network, that would be shown to millions, I wouldn't let my gripes get to me... I'd look at what the games has to offer and it's flaws... I wouldn't complain that the multiplayer doesn't have custom classes...

vickers5003064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

"Reviews aren't opinion, they look at a game from a critical point of view and then alocate a score based upon what they see."

Not necessarily. Some reviewers go by what they feel about the game, and you can't really blame them for that. Say a game comes out where there is nothing technically wrong with it, it has tons of content, no glitches, a long campaign and a multiplayer mode which does nothing wrong in a technical sense.

Pretend that's an FPS game, and the reviewer reviewing it actually does like FPS and even the theme of the fps (military or space marine type shooter), but doesn't actually have fun with the game. He plays it, sees nothing wrong with it on a technical level, but doesn't have the slightest bit of fun with it, yet he should give it a high (or perfect) score? I don't think so.

In that instance, since it would be ridiculous to give that game a really high score for the sole reason of him finding nothing wrong with it (even though he doesn't even like playing it) the only logical alternative would be to give the game the score he FEELS like it should have.

I can fully understand what you're saying about not giving a game a low score simply because it's not their cup of tea, I really do, however the same must apply for high scores as well. People shouldn't give out high scores simply because they don't understand something either. It goes both ways, not just the way you think it does.

I actually think that the reviewer came to a high score anyways, since if you actually believe that 8.5 is a low score, you're simply just a fanboy who doesn't care about games and only cares about petty and immature fanboy wars. The problem isn't with the reviewer itself, but rather the idiots at IGN who chose him to be the reviewer (who I hear isn't really all that big a fan of SIM racers in the first place).

He shouldn't have scored GT5 high just 'cuz and he shouldn't have scored it low just 'cuz. He shouldn't have scored or reviewed it at all, so I think you should all place your blame higher up the IGN chain rather than this one guy.

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BlueTroll3064d ago

It's not a good guide. At all. It's too short on detail. Buying your first car from the new lot is a huge mistake. Check this one out

Maybe these two sites can combine forces and make the ultimate guide!

DJ3064d ago

Maybe. The tuning guide your site made is useful.

BlueTroll3064d ago

Wish it was my site haha.

Hideo_Kojima3064d ago

I don't want to play in used cars though...

The chose the Civic 97 too and I got to say it made the first few races a piece of cake.

Also it didn't cost too much just replay one championship and you will get your money back.