Single New Motorstorm Model Image

A brand new image from the upcoming PS3 racer known as Motorstorm. This looks like some sort of all terrain vehicle that will certainly come in handy during the off-road levels. The full version of Motorstorm features 35 vehicles across seven different classes, each of which come with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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specialguest5384d ago

hahahah i just thought the Play3-Live sounds kinda fimiliar...


kewlkat0075384d ago

a pretty picture of a car, let me orgasm like where is that "CGI" again? remember that one?

I predict this game will be crap. Just a dumb racer. Looks more like a cheap PC game. You wait and see...They are using this game to visually fool casual gamers.(well the Fanboys are already taken)

specialguest5384d ago

what is your deal with the "CGI" crap today? you've mentioned that in at least 3 different articles TODAY.

everyones already seen the actual car models and gameplay for this game. you're a bit late. go take a walk outside or something and rest your fanboy or fangirl mind up for tommorrow.

JIN KAZAMA5384d ago

You are a simple hater. This game kicks ass, jsut wait to see more of it. It still has 3 months to go, and its already looking better than any race the 360 has. You are a complete moron.

BIadestarX5384d ago

So you have seen this game in action? can you show me some game play? Please don't show me CGI, if thats the case check Forza 2 CGI Clip.

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The story is too old to be commented.