Black Ops Video - How to Own with Ballistic Knife

Paul writes, "In the latest Black Ops gameplay footage to surface from the crazy $K!L clan, our own Belgium war strategist has compiled a film on how to own in Black Ops with the Ballistic Knife. In this video you will be in shock and awe from Tiber Clybouw's massive skills (and ego if you met him online already) as well as learn all 3 ways to use a ballistic knife properly; knife, burst forward, and shoot. If you know what's best for you, don't add Clybouw on PSN and challenge him to a 1 on 1, but surely check out his video where he even surprises himself with his mad battle skill."

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Hitman07693065d ago

Wow, just wow, this is really some serious skill!

Downtown boogey3065d ago

I once did a 7-kill-knife-only-streak in 30 seconds on CoD4... I'm not impressed by this.

3064d ago
VIGGO-OG3064d ago

i've got 6 kill-streak by the knife on Black ops on firing range .. it's small map you know

dkblackhawk503065d ago

lol that skill i don't have :(

Chupa-Chupa3065d ago

Was it just me, or was this far from impressive?

MRMagoo1233064d ago

it was far from impressive this sort of stuff happens all the time.

clybouw3065d ago

Its not ego when, u guys are telling me I'm awsome and i just take that over :p

People can add me ;) I'm a good team player and i hate having to try and save the game half the time, becouse my team does not work toghether.
u team player, then u can add me.

xX TriiCKy Xx3065d ago

I don't have a mic, though. Would that be a problem?

clybouw3065d ago

mic or no mic, i don't mind.
so long u don't be an idiot and run to the other side when the enemy plants the bomb

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The story is too old to be commented.