New Star Ocean I, II and IV scans

Several new scans of Star Ocean I, Star Ocean II and Star Ocean IV from the latest issue of Famitsu have surfaced online. For those unaware, Square Enix has recently announced that Star Ocean I & II are to be remade for the Sony PSP.

New information regarding the new title of the franchise, Star Ocean IV, has also been revealed:

· There are two main characters called Edge Maverick and Reimi.
· Similar to Final Fantasy IX, you will now be able to fight with up to four characters.
· No platform has been announced for the game, but Famitsu says new information is to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2007.

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resistance1004061d ago

I hope so and looking at those scans it could possibly be. ( i can't see it being a 360 game as the core fanbase of star ocean is in Japan.)

Now Square better not let me down at TGS

Marona4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

QFT... I'll wait and see myself for anything good from Square Enix this year unlike SEP07 Hype Party <_< ...... Looking forward more to Nippon Ichi's Disgaea 3 & Level 5's White Knight Story.


1.2 @ Same here, the main reason I bought a PlayStation 3. (Aside from a whole other PlayStation games that catch my interest too~)

resistance1004061d ago

@ Marona

I just hope the JRPG love continues on PS3 ^_^

sajj3164061d ago

toolset for PS3 is EDGE, perfect fit. Yes, I know my rational for it being a PS3 exclusive is dumb. Star Ocean is HUGE in Japan. Its either for the Wii or for the PS3. Judging from the screens, doesn't look like a Wii title.

Nameless4061d ago

There is going to be a Star Ocean 4 ? Sweet

Darkiewonder4061d ago

I didn't see this article.

and hope it's true they announce a platform at TGS and some other surprises on the way.

As long as it's not as boring as SO3. Just saying.

snittolo4061d ago

"Square Enix has recently announced that Star Ocean I & II are to be remade for the Sony PSP."

W00T To #2 being remade! I was brutally addicted to this game for months and months. Must have gotten half of the storyline endings when I was done.

Darkiewonder4061d ago

It was announced during the Square Enix 20th FF Party some months ago :P

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