Is The Nintendo Wii Finished

With Kinect and Move released, is there still a need for Nintendo's little system that could?

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firefoxprime3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

If its still making sales, clearly there are "some" people who still want one.

Samus HD3070d ago

it is still doing great look last week

Armyntt3070d ago

hate to do this cause everyone else does but yea your source might as well be a blog. Does not prove your point.

Armyntt3070d ago

Two words, Epic Mickey. My most anticipated game this year even though early reviews have been so so(hoping its like GT5, bad reviews for a great game).

Lightsaber3070d ago

Its not finished but its slowing down in a big way

NYC_Gamer3071d ago

people are still buying the wii

Shok3071d ago

As long as it has games coming out, it will never be finished.

Shok3070d ago

Ah, disagrees but not a single reply. Typical of the N4G community.

Theyellowflash303071d ago

Yeah I just got Donkey Kong Country Returns and GoldenEye which are exclusives. I think the sales have tailed down a bit but its still selling and there still are some nice exclusives coming out next year for the Wii like Legend of Zelda and Last Story.

darksied3070d ago

Yeah, but the nintendo fans have already had their games. 2 major mario titles, 1 zelda game, 1 major metroid release, brawl, mario kart, etc. All that means is that the quality games for the system are drying up. I'm actually surprised that 2 major zelda game releases will make it in this nintendo generation, but I guess that's a bonus for the Wii owners.

So to sum it up, yeah, after that zelda game I believe it's over (and it might have been over for a while). Unless the Wii lasts until ANOTHER mario game comes out (which without any new innovation will just be another galaxy clone), I think the people are just waiting for the next Nintendo system.

smashman983070d ago

lol im guessing no one has realized that nintendo had the most exclusives this month and all hits btw

Matthew943070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

"I'm actually surprised that 2 major zelda game releases will make it in this nintendo generation"

bitch please, gamecube had wind waker and twilight princess
n64 had ocarina of time and majoras mask

i could name others but you get the point

most gens had 2 zeldas

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The story is too old to be commented.