Black Friday May Be Over, But the PS3 Deals Are Not

Black Friday has come and gone. Retailers everywhere have empty stockrooms, and employees are drained from the massive influx of money-conscious shoppers who were looking to save as much money as possible on this holiday’s hottest gifts. But even though Black Friday is over, there are still plenty of deals to be had.

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doctorstrange3068d ago

Definitely great deals for Christmas

CrzyFooL3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

I got a 160GB PS3 - inFamous, MGS4, Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2, Prototype, Red Dead Redemption, Tekken 6, Medal of Honor: LE, God of War Collection, all for $400.


Black Friday - Fuck Yeah!!

Also - Wal Mart - Fuck Yeah!!

ftwrthtx3068d ago

To retire my launch console and pick up a slim.

EeJLP-3068d ago

Stop calling it a Slim... it's a PlayStation 3 as opposed to a PLAYSTATION 3.

It's a normal/regular. The original was a fatty and the Slim is yet to come.

SpartanPrince3068d ago

Im pretty sure that even sony calls it the slim...

vickers5003068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

No, it's a slim. The fatty is the original, and the slim will always remain the slim. The ps3 was made slim for the casuals, the idiots who buy consoles because they're popular, the people who don't buy it for the games.

People who in order for them to buy one, needed a reinvention of popularity and status for the console, instead of just being able to see that the ps3 had amazing games, they chose to wait until it became popular and "cool".

The fatty is and shall remain the original. It was Sonys original vision for what the ps3 originally was. The slim was just a brand reinvention so the masses could get behind the ps3, even though it didn't need reinvention.

I'm not saying the Slim is bad in any way, but it will never be remembered as the normal ps3. The slim was the result of people complaining about the price point, and is a dumbed down version of the ps3.

It's like a child getting a cake and demanding only the frosting. The ps3 phat was the whole cake. The slim is just the frosting.

/food metaphor

PLAYSTATION 3 (Spiderman font) for life!

SpartanPrince3068d ago

w...t...f...The slim was made for casuals and idiots who dont buy it for games??? Well than I'm a casual idiot that has no games for the ps3. The slim was made because the original ps3 was far too expensive-it has nothing to do with "popularity". But anyway nice job at showing your level of stupidity

vickers5003068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Yes, it was made for the casuals. People who hadn't already bought a ps3 up to that point were either casuals or people who waited for the ps3 to become popular.

There were tons and tons of great games available before the Slim came out, yet some people didn't give a sh*t about that. Those people who knew all those great games were out but chose not to buy a ps3 (it really wasn't that much more expensive than the competition at that time) are idiots for choosing a console for what it looks like instead of what games it had. I didn't mean people who buy Slims are idiots, just those that refused to buy PS3s before the slim because of the looks/brand transformation, and I'm sorry, but if you buy a console simply because of looks or popularity (which people do actually do), you're an idiot, and that's what I meant in my paragraph, which I should have stated more clearly.

If your first ps3 ever was a slim, then yes, you're most likely a casual. If you weren't, you would have known about all the great games to come out and realized how many great games you were missing out on and would have bought one then.

EeJLP-3066d ago

I'm loving the 100% disagrees to my last comment. Wondering what you'll all be calling the real slim.


This supposed 'slim' is still the size of the original PS2.

I could go on, but you're all either retarded or have never seen a PS2 slim. There's still a PS3 slim in the pipeline. You'd have to be crazy not to see that.

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CrescentFang3068d ago

I would pick up Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (34.99) being a huge anime fan, but I think I've spent too much...

Last thing I got was Nier for about 17 bucks

Good deals btw

despair3068d ago

I took that deal, huge Naruto fan myself and was beating myself up for not getting it day 1 but now I got it $25 off a month and a half later :)

Also finally convinced my cousin to buy a PS3 with the Uncharted 2 and Pixel junk shooter 160GB bundle on Amazon, so my job is done for this black friday.

The_Devil_Hunter3068d ago

Was hesitating with Fifa 11 or Hot Pursuit..dont know if I made the right choice..

despair3068d ago

Hot Pursuit is worth every cent and I have it for the PC, Not a big football games fan, love the sport but since Fifa 99 not much of a supporter of the games.

Horny3068d ago

I ended up getting both plus madden. Was hoping for GT5 to be at least down to 50 but nothing happened there.

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