Autolog, a True Game-Changer

TheSixthAxis writes on the importance of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit's Autolog, and takes a look at the benefits the 'platform' brings to the genre and how a racer without its unique social features could seem last-gen in comparison.

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Redempteur3065d ago

i agree it's very well done and it make the career ( very simple and classic ) quite competitive and diefferent .

there is nothing like it..

electricshadow3065d ago

I love the Autolog. Whenever I start of Hot Pursuit it says "Autolog alert. Friends have beaten you in three events." I try to beat them asap. It really brings out the competitive side in you.

ZILLA3065d ago

it has to the ONLY game in exsistance that the single player is more about being connected than the online itself.AUTOLOG 10/10!