Kotaku Review: Gran Turismo 5 Is Premium Class

Kotaku writes: "Ages ago, when I bought a PlayStation 2, my wife told me flat out, "If you are going to get PS2, you need Gran Turismo." This, of course I knew, but it underscored the series' impact. Nearly a decade later not much has changed."

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Masterchef20073548d ago

Gran Turismo is the best driving sim out there. Dont bring up Forza 3 cause that game is the best arcade racer on the market

SonyNGP3548d ago

Ironically, you brought it up yourself.

PeeWizzle3548d ago Show
Masterchef20073548d ago

i know but judging by all the recent comments i dont want people going berzerk trying to convince everyone that GT5 is trash and Forza 3 is the best in the world. I am sick of hearing it cause face it they are 2 different games each tailored to a specific audience. And that is what people have to accept

nix3548d ago

anyone who hates GT5 should take a lap in Nurburgring... it feels so good to drive. but i admit GT5 is not pretty looking everywhere.

Raendom3548d ago

Lol hell no am I reading this. Why am I on here commenting then? Probably just douching around.

n4gno3548d ago

something has changed in kotaku world..

wazzim3548d ago

No you put off your Conspiracy glasses.

RIP_Weazel3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Kudos to kotaku. The reviewer seems to have actually taken the time to immerse himself in the game. Highlighting both the strengths and areas for development bears a great deal of similarity to my own experiences playing the game. It's like owning a Ferrarri - beautiful, fantastic to drive, not always the most practical, but the more time you spend with it, the more you realise that it's an absolute pleasure that inspires real emotion. Yeah, of course there are mis-steps, but it all comes together so well . (And doubtless, the patches will continue to refine GT until it's pristine.)

shysun3548d ago

Now if they gave it a 7 or 8 that would be cool. They truly seemed to play the game and get to the later stages. That was a good read, FROM FREAKING KOTAKU?!?

oilahize3548d ago

I already have GT5 but this review got me pumped. I wanna play it now. Lol.

xer03548d ago

Yeah - me too.
I never got so much thrill out of driving a Nissan Micra!

Can't wait to get the experience necessary to drive the 5 sports cars that came with my Collectors edition.

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