Capcom Defends MvC 3 Character DLC

These days it seems you can't buy a complete, stand-alone fighting title - at least not from Japanese developers. Be it alternative costumes or those extra characters, it seems the developer is always looking to squeeze out additional revenue from it’s loyal customer base with a bevy of paid-for “additional” content.

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sinncross4442d ago

I can understand paid DLC in far as that capital, time and resources have been put into making the DLC.

The problem, as evident by Capcom time and time again, is that this DLC seems to already exist before the main game is released. Making ppl pay for content that is finished by the games release is just underhanded imho.

Nitrowolf24442d ago

People will pay for them no matter.
I think it's just wrong though, knowing that Capcom is charging for character that should be in the game orignally (well at least some fans feel that way).
I wouldn't mind if they charged for characters that no one expected to be there. I'm still a little ticked about RE5 Unlock key. Such BS.
A charging for a color charge is also BS, come one if your going to make DLC make them worth the cost and value, and make sure they are actually DLC and not stored away content.

erathaol4442d ago

Rockstar on DLC: Good

Capcom on DLC: Bad

princejb1344442d ago

i havent bought a capcom game since ps2
thats how much i care about them

Gothdom4442d ago (Edited 4442d ago )

Criterion did it right with Burnout Paradise. one or two free good DLC (not just skins for a car) and more fun paid DLC (island, cops & robbers)

I'm still playing that game.

Knushwood Butt4442d ago

Don't really care as I'm not buying the game anyway.

I think I may have stopped buying Capcom games completely come to think of it.

Quagmire4442d ago

People, just wait for a year when Capcom announces the MvC3 Ultimate/Complete edition with the game plus all previously available DLC for an even cheaper price than original.

All the kool kids are doing it these days. Assassins Creed 2 Complete, Uncharted 2 GOTY Edition, Dragon Age Ultimate Edition, Mafia 2 Enhanced Edition, etc...

princejb1344441d ago

and i still wont be buying it
im not a marvel vs capcom fan
i hate the fact that you can spam support
ruins the fun for me

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Tdmd4442d ago

You know what would make me smile? If gamers could unite and do NOT support this dlc. Don't make any purchase outside the content in the disc, I say, and that would send them a mensage.

Cheeseknight284442d ago

If they put Phoenix Wright up for download I won't be following any sort of DLC embargo. They'll have forced my hand at that point.

soundslike4442d ago

errrrnhh... *buzzer*

don't buy the game until they release the dlc for free

just do not buy the game

because they know once people have the game in their hands eventually they might be tempted to buy characters

birchoff4442d ago

But... it's MvC3! How are we suppose to do that? It's unpossible!

Genecalypse4442d ago

Capcom nickle and dimes as much as Activision, too bad not as many people buy this shit

Megaton4442d ago

Capcom has earned a spot next to Activision in my book. If I ever buy another one of their titles, it will be used.

Bloodlyte4442d ago

Capcom also defended the Resident Evil 5 DLC, and they defended that they ignored the early adapters of RE5 with the Move update. They also defended Super Street Fighter IV and they gave Dante to Ninja Theory, they can also defend all they want, it just makes them look stupid ( and rich! lol )

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