Parabellum: A brand new tactical FPS - First Sreenshots

Acony Games, a german independant game studio is preparing a tactical FPS powered by Unreal Engine 3! Their lovely baby is named PARABELLUM, and is about a counter terrorist style gaming.

"PARABELLUM draws the player into a likely scenario of nuclear terror in New York City. An extremist group known as "Black November" is holding the entire city hostage by threatening to detonate a thermonuclear bomb. Their condition is the withdrawal of all United States military forces from the middle east. If this condition will not be fulfilled within 10 days, Black November will detonate the 20 Megaton nuclear warhead. According to intelligence information, the bomb could be hidden almost anywhere in NYC."

The good news is that they promised the biggest multiplayer Environment ever created: The whole city!

The game is scheduled for PC, Xbox360 and PS3 on the second half of 2007

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Silent5377d ago

FPS games on PS3 Rocks because of buttons and easy configuration. Plus very comfortable to hold. yeehaaaw

TheMART5377d ago

Urm, it's on 360 also and as far as I know, the new 360 controller is superior in design, more FPS games and gamers are on xbox then on PS.

The PS3 controller is still a PS2 one, so I can't see really why it would be so great for FPS actually.

If you're really into FPS I think the PS is the wrong format to go for

SEER5377d ago

Yet another article about a game which is ignored. People only care about the 'sony failing' 'microsoft failing' 'blu-ray vs hd-dvd' articles. Sad or what. This game looks hot though!

BenzMoney5377d ago

Am I the only one getting sick of reading about FPS games using Unreal Engine 3? Seems to me that every game is made with the same damn engine! ...why even buy new games anymore? They're all the same goddamn thing with rehashed graphics! ...can't wait for Halo 3. Finally something with it's OWN engine. Sheesh!

kewlkat0075377d ago

FPS on the PS3 controller is crap. The way you thumb has to stay below the controller which are already over sensitve, after a while your fingers cramp up.

The PS controller is only good for Fighters....IMO, becasue of the D-PAD, I've had all systems and the 360 seems more universl for many games.

Anyhow another Shooter eventho PS fanboys swear the Xbox stink cause of them. watch them get excited.

Loudninja5376d ago

If you did not, you cannot make such claims. The PS3 R2 and R3 buttons are different, they are longer, which make them good for FPS games.

Karibu5376d ago

mouse and keyboard, you know.

OutpostCommand5376d ago

Dualshock 3 > 360 Controller >Wii remote

There is no damn discussion about it, when it comes the FPSs then the Dualshock pwns.