Gran Turismo 5: Flying Karts and Texture Loading Problems from the Final Build in Action

New videos shows a flying kart and a texture bug in GT5. The texture wont load sometimes for example video of license test in Gran Turismo 5. Take a look!

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon3064d ago

Oh no! You found glitches... in a video game?! That almost never happens!


hennessey863064d ago

and i think its amazing but come on you must have expected the backlash after the hard time the sony buttboys gave forza 3, im ignoring all the bullshit and enjoying the game.

8-bit3064d ago

What about the big mouths over at Turn 10. That shouldn't be forgotten

JustSomeLog1c3064d ago

The guys at Turn 10 had every right to speak, they did make the definitive driving game after all

T9X693064d ago


That's over at Turn 10, not here on N4G. Forza fans can't control what comes out of Turn 10's mouth, but they can control what they say personally.

Steve_03064d ago

The definitive driving game doesn't have rain and snow effects, dynamic weather, 24 hours le mans and nurbergring, manager mode, WRC point to point rally, nascar, top gear, track creator, more than 8 cars on the track, large and varied car roster with everything from Fiat 500 to Red Bull X1 concepts? And lets forget the ridiculous detail in GT5's premium cars, lets forget the advanced racing physics and tuning options, lets forget the fact that's it's compatible with some of the best racing wheels in the business (G25, G27 and GT).

Some Logic you have there.

T9X693064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )


Forza 3 does have Nürburgring, NASCAR stock cars (i.e Monte Carlso SS), large and varied car roster (including the Fiat 500), Top Gear, advanced racing physics and tuning options, and compatible with wheels such as the Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S, ultimate and pure editions.

Lets not forget Forza 3 also has auction houses, storefront which includes buyable, tuning setups, vinyl groups, designs, let's not forget leaderboards, almost 500 cars all which feature cockpit view and are fully customizable from front bumper, back bumper, side skirts, spoilers, rims, rim size, highly detailed paint editor which includes up to 5,000 layers per car, damage options to adjust what kind of damage if at all when ever you want, customizable online game modes, online level progression and CR that carries over to single player, etc.

I guess that doesn't matter though does it?


"Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough already?"

You say that like it means something. Were on the internet....

insomnium23064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

@ hennessey

Forza fans started it even though it was not their place to say those things. Do I need to remind all the BS turn 10 said?

Forza 3 deserved every single bashing it got. I wonder why the reviews doesn't reflect that.

Looks like the maxx...I mean T9 is at it again...LOL. Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough already? No it doesn't matter.

Halochampian3064d ago


I havent played any of the Forza's except for the 3rd demo but I have to give them props for the customization that they put in the game. Everyone on here should give credit where credit is due and Forza does deserve it and from what i played, it seemed like a great racer as well.

Knushwood Butt3064d ago

Love the game but I wish they would fix it so that it doesn't keep freezing on me. 3 times so far. Pretty pissed about that. Could't care less about all the other nitpicking.

Just patch the game so it doesn't crash on me..

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CaptainMarvelQ83064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

but that's what you guys were bashing Forza for;glitches,only to finally find that GT5's most cars are low res and have glitches too

no game is perfect
i know im gonna get a sh!tload of disagrees,but that's the truth

LostDjinn3064d ago

Watch the video.
There aren't any karts in it. As for the texture pop...installing it may help. The load time shows it's not installed.

Don't go to the site.Just watch the embedded vid.

It's amazing how low some sites will go for hits.

Ardorme3064d ago

Derp. The cart video is on the website. Derp.

LostDjinn3064d ago

'Derp' I checked the site. No video listed. 'Derp'.

raztad3064d ago

The flying kart is listed.

The glitch is there although not as severe as I feared it would. The kart is just slightly displaced along the Y-axis, yet it renders the shadow bellow :D good stuff. Most people are loving kart racing in GT5.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3064d ago

Well i'm glad it's a glitch and not just poor textures themselves. Glitches can be fixed with a patch. When Eurogamer posted those pics showing those bad textures I was kinda shocked. It'll be fixed after while.

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Pedobear Rocks3064d ago

Oh noes.
All games have glitches.
All sources are bitches.

Back to my game.

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You Noob3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )



Who cares, this is nothing that a patch can't fix.

@below (j-blaze)

Hey Mr.Fail, look the post above me ;D

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3064d ago


That first and 5th one are too funny. Come on even if you're a hardcore forza fan you gotta admit some of those glitches are just plain hilarious.

lugia 40003064d ago


Your GT5 also has bugs.

Ducky3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

@ Masterchef2007

That game had bugs.
... and I loved each and every one of those little critters.
It's too bad they patched most of them. =(

Edit: I wanted to be Mr.Fail =(

soundslike3064d ago

best machinima i think i have ever seen

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3064d ago

hahaha i see this is becoming a "post the funniest glitch" contest. Masterchef I was truly bawling on that one.

Ducky3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

The idea here is that bugs can be fun.

I wish more developpers would release buggy games.
Not broken games in which NPCs during escort missions fail to follow you and run off to Azerbaijan instead, but games that every now and then, do something funky.

Texture pop-in = bad
Carts randomly flying every now and then = good

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