Gameplanet: Gran Turismo 5 Review


The new tracks and cars are incredibly detailed. The traditional GT racing experience is better than ever, with amazing attention to physics and handling. The challenges are diverse, and accumulating vehicles is just as addictive as it always was. PSP integration is a nice touch, too.

Little development shown on cars and tracks lifted from previous games. No Top Gear cars. Online multiplayer needs attention. Track creation tool is too basic. Soundtrack is uninspiring. Load times are grating. Non-intuitive interface.

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Dark3603072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

It's obvious Polyphony love cars. Gran Turismo 5 couldn't possibly have been made by a multinational corporate looking to release an unfinished game to capitalize on pre-Christmas sales. It's been published by one, though.

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oohWii3072d ago

One thing the GT5 has done to make N4G a better place. It has made most of the PS3 Kinect trolls so busy defending GT5 that they don't have time to troll Kinect.

Yeah! GT5 I love you!

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Shazz3072d ago

@ braxens I was on earlier like 3 or 4 hours ago dude and my profile is always signed in on here I gave you my psn addy so by all means come join me for a game of gt5 , fifa , nfs , whatever you have game wise on ps3 let me know as I have 52 games . Then again do you even have a ps3 .

NewsForMe3072d ago

A little low for my liking. I'd give it an 8.6.

infamousinfolite3072d ago

Ill give it somewhere around 8-9 because for now one negative 1) noticeable screen tearing. That's really all I can find, atm
Haven't touched online yet but will, soon

infamousinfolite3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Smh trolls well atleast I know you all don't have any games to play seeing as how y'all are in every gt5 article trolling 24/7 hmm well if you need the money

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